Leica M7 Hermes unboxed

photo courtesy of the The PurseBlog

PurseBlog.com has an article about the Leica M7 Hermes edition and gallery of what's in the box. This is the part I found interesting about the included silver chrome 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M lens:

"The unique part about this limited lens is that Leica created a new production process to silver anodize the lens’ aluminum alloy barrel and rings; unlike in previous lenses, where the silver chrome effect could only be applied to much heavier brass barrels and rings. As a result, this silver chrome ‘Lux is the same weight as the black anodized version, which is a first for Leica."

Head over to The PurseBlog and check the remaining details.

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  • BradL

    Rather than produce yet another item of photographic jewelery I’d much rather they expend resources on getting real photographic gear like M9 and S2 out the door and into customer’s hands.

  • Brad

    Not true! They silver anodized the 28 elmarit for the M8.2 Safari edition and the M8 White edition. It weighs the same as the black version elmarit.

  • Vlad

    Brad, you are right. It is the first 35 Lux in the silver anodized aluminum though.

  • David


    Leica will make these extremely profitable items so long as people are willing to pay for them. Yes they should also scale production to meet the demand, but I think they should do both, not choose one or the other. Meanwhile I am trying to hold my girlfriend at bay from buying the white edition of the M8 (honey, I can almost buy a M9 with that money!)

  • SST

    The character in the bid is not a cursive style but a block style.

  • Richard

    Developing limited edition products like this can not take much effort at all and are very high profit items. The pictures I have seen of this one do not make it look very attractive…hence there may be comparatively few sales and the collectors will go wild because of its rarity.

    Let’s face it, Leica is never going to sell many cameras. The technology is not exactly up to date and the pricing helps to ensure that they will never threaten any other camera maker. One has to wonder how out of date their design and production technologies are as well.

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