Leica Noctilux will no longer be the only f/0.95 lens in production today

See all details @ PhotoRumors.com. I wonder if Noktor will offer this lens with different mounts.

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  • Mistral75

    There are other f/0.95 lenses in production today: CCTV or cine C-mount lenses such as this “Noktor”, which derives from a Navitron CCTV lens.

    There has even been a 25 mm f/0.85 made by Fujinon:


  • Mistral75

    By the way, no chance for Noktor to offer it in other mounts than μFT, C-mount lenses barely cover the μFT image circle.

  • LR admin

    Thanks Mistral. There are several similar models used in CCTV – there are some related links in the comments section @ photorumors.com. This lens will have m4/3 mount and can be used without an adapter.
    I was referring to the “photography world” when I wrote the title.

  • LR admin

    of course the IQ will be far off from the Leica Noctilux

  • Ario Arioldi

    Il looks like this CCTV lens:

  • Joshua

    I just lost alot fo respect for this site for posting this garbage. Where is the due diligence? Blogs just like to repost instead of doing some simple research. Its does not take a rocket scientist to click on the company webpage which only is linked to a twitter account……this new upstart is gonna challenge Leica with production .95 lens? Different mounts you ask???? More likely this will fade away like your readers if you keep up these kind of posts.

  • LR admin

    Joshua, just curious – who said that this is a Leica Noctilux challenger? I even commented that the IQ will not even be close.

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