Aperture 3 support for Leica M9: “imminent”

Maccreate's report from the Aperture 3 press event in London states that Leica M9 support for Aperture 3 is on "top of their to-do-list" (as well as other cameras like Panasonic Lumix GF1).

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  • David

    I must be missing something, the Leica M9 shoots DNG and JPG, both of which are already supported by Aperture 2 and I imagine also by Aperture 3; what “support” are we talking about here that is not already available?

  • We are talking about reading the M9-specific data encoded into the DNG file. The DNG file spec allows for manufacturers to define “custom fields” to allow for variations in sensor design, image precessing, DAC, etc… Aperture 2 & 3 can read M9 files, but cannot apply manufacturer recommended corrections to the images.

  • David

    I see! Thank you Carlos. So that’s interesting, I guess I should re-import my images from my M9 once I get Aperture 3 and once it supports the M9? I wonder how big of a difference it would make. Do these “custom fields” also include the M9 precessing for each specific lens that are 6-bit coded? Or is the result of that particular precessing written in the, how should I call it, “common fields”?

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