New Leica store to open in Hong Kong

New Leica flagship store is coming soon in Hong Kong. It will be located in the Time Square mall in Causeway Bay. The store is already listed in the mall directory as "coming soon".

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  • ken

    its incredible to see the amount of leicas and lenses they sell in HK. Glad to see that a new store is opening up!

  • Yang

    It’s really no wonder, considering the low tax rate…

    when the M9 is more widely available, I might take a trip to HK to get myself a camera….

  • melvin

    actually, there’s no sales tax in HK.. 🙂

  • Why open stores when you cant buy a M9, Lens’s or X1, mine has been on order for some time and still no sign, or are all our cameras on the way to HK?

  • LR admin

    When this store opens for business, they will not have a waiting list and most probably will have M9s for the opening. This is how I got my M9.
    Keep an eye for the opening.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! A Leica store in my hometown.

  • Newcomer

    It is for Mainland China free-walkers!

  • Stan

    Is this shop owned and operated by Leica’s HK importer Schmidt Marketing?

  • grumps

    Timesquare in Causeway Bay, HK is awesome! This is a great location to be!

  • hmm … doesn’t look like it’s the official store … since the hoarding has “Leica Camera Authorized Dealer” printed … if it’s THE Leica Shop that’s not necessary, right?

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