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B&H taking Leica M9 pre-orders again

Every time B&H lists the M9 as “available for pre-order” is an indication that they are expecting a shipment. Few readers have emailed me in the past that they got their M9 this way with minimum waiting:

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Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux Asph lens (silver) now in stock

Here is the link – this will not last long. The good news is that this lens started to show up lately in several stores – hopefully, the long wait time is over.

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Under 5% of Leica sales are film cameras (M7 & MP)

Update: in the UK Leica film cameras make 6% of total sales (source). This percentage was given by Leica’s US CEO Roger Horn in an interview with “Q: What percent of your sales are film cameras? A: The film cameras are running under 5 percent.” The second piece of interesting information from this interview: […]

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DIY: Leica II digicam

Full instructions with pictures on how to fit a Sony DSC-WX1 digital camera in a Russian Leica copycat are available here (in English). At least they did not destroy a real Leica 🙂

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Leica M8 firmware update in early May

I received a tip that the next Leica M8 firmware update will be released in early May, 2010. My understanding is that this will be the last firmware update for the M8 model – as far as I remember Stefan Daniel mention that in one of the Leica videos when the M9 was introduced last year.

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Leica M9 sensor cleaning

If you have watched this video from the Leica factory tour, (first video, 13:20 and 14:50 minute marks) you probably remember the “sticky stick” they used to clean the M9 sensor on the production line. I remember searching for this product online before and could not find it. This is what I stumble upon today: Dot Line SensorVu Loupe & Cleaner […]

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Detailed image quality data for Leica M9 released @ DXOmark

DXOmark released their Leica M9 test results. Leica M9 came 23th in the sensor ranking and 19th in low light ISO ranking. You can also compare the M9 RAW-based camera image quality with any other camera in their database. Have fun! Read more about DXOmark tests.

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What’s next? How about a black Leica X1?

Those pictures were taken from a German soap opera (click on image for larger view): (Thanks Mathias)

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