Under 5% of Leica sales are film cameras (M7 & MP)

Update: in the UK Leica film cameras make 6% of total sales (source).

This percentage was given by Leica's US CEO Roger Horn in an interview with NorthJersey.com:

"Q: What percent of your sales are film cameras?
A: The film cameras are running under 5 percent."

The second piece of interesting information from this interview: the next Leica store will be open in Willoughby's camera store in New York City (yes, those are the same guys that were selling M9 on Amazon for a premium more more than once):

"Q: Any plans for one in this area?
A: We will be opening one in Willoughby's [New York City's oldest camera store] within another month or so."

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  • xavier

    Very interesting Q&A article. Interesting because even if 5% of the cameras made by leica are film ones, meaning there is still a market out there !. First the pros, who like to work more and more with field cameras for instance, to get what digital still cannot offer (depth of field, grainess, size of the film – 4×9 or bigger, etc…) I have a friend who only sell all kind of films, lab papers, chemistries and equipments and his business is slowly but surely growing. Of course it is a niche but film are slowly coming back. Second category : the non-Pros. Two categories there, people who like photography and can afford beautiful objects and like to process their work themselves as hobby. Film is the real photography for lots of them, because they do not need to rush photography thru a computer to show what they did. The second category of non pro is the one who aren’t computer freak,, who would do photography for some occasions (wedding, trip, birthdays, etc…) and already have their old equipment. Most of them like to have paper prints.
    Millions of films are still process a year, Otherwise why Kodak would still work on the chemistry of some of its film if it was about to definitly die ?….There is still a market out there, in any film size. Cosina would not have come out with its great 669, Field camera are still being made, and even young photographer, future pro or not, often start with film camera to feel what real photography is all about .
    I would finally add that Leica has always made simple-to-use cameras, and some people – more and more of them – are tired of all the complicated gadgets present in most of digital cameras. That is their strength. Leica cameras ARE made for photography, nothing else,
    Good day

  • BO

    Willoughby’s……? that’s downright disturbing. That seems to be one Leica Store I will not be spending any money in. Willoughby’s is not entirely trustworthy.

  • Bruce

    I have a couple of questions for him..

    “Are you planning on actually shipping any M9’s any time soon?”

    “What’s the point of all these Leica Stores and Store-in-Stores if you can’t remotely satisfy actual demand for the product?”

    And as for cohabitation with Willoughby’s… good grief that’s going to destroy some brand equity faster than you can say jack-rabbit.

  • David

    ditto on Willoughby’s. Why would Leica resort to sharing a space with someone who takes advantage of their relationship with Leica to sell the otherwise hard to get M9 at a ridiculously high price? Leica is better off affiliating themselves with retailers like BH Photo or Adorama, NOT Willoughby’s. This is a major negative for Leica’s image.

  • Clark

    Whats “FILM”

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