Full details on the new Leica Cinema lenses

Full details on the new Leica Cinema lenses can be found at bandpro. The price is not publicly announced, but you can get a quote (I just did). I am sure it will be a 5 digit number (for one lens, in US$).

Here is the actual size of one of the Leica Cinema lenses:

See previous posts on the Leica Cinema lenses here. The rumor has been around since 2008!

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  • Nobody Special

    Big and Honkin’!!!!!

    Be great to see how they are in a film.

  • grumps

    f1.4 for cinema lenses is amazing and is going to be very expensive!

  • walt

    Admin, at which screen ppi is that the actual size?

    My 24″ WUXGA screen has 94 ppi, but I imagine the image of the lens being much smaller on a netbook…

  • me

    12Xmm diameter (estimated) size. Compared to Zeiss prime lenses, they are lightweight, they have the real photometric f-stop f/1.4 and the are much smaller!

  • LR admin

    Walt, to be sure follow the link and open the PDF file at 1:1. I think @ 1920×1200 is full size.

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