The new camera from Leica will be called V-Lux 20

Leica V-Lux 20 mockup

I got some info on the new camera name - it will be called Leica V-Lux 20 (and not C-Lux 20 as previously reported - the EXIF data was correct). Some dealers can already place orders for the upcoming Leica V-Lux 20. The reason they decided to go with a V instead of a C model is probably because of the long zoom - 12x (the camera will be based on the Panasonic ZS7, so expect exactly the same specs).

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  • dino

    Well.. to be honest I expect also a V-2 camera with a more useful range and build quality… I mean V-1 was really good but the 35mm at the wide end was really limiting. I wonder if Leica could make a (for example) V-2 with a 25-150 lens where the lens itself would be an excellent one. I’d trade the 150-300 range if this would mean one or more stop gained in aperture

  • dino

    In fact, previous V1 model was very good in tele side but very limited in the wide one. If Leica can’t do a (for ex,) 25-150 F/4 optically stabilized and very well corrected, they must at least offer a 25/28-300/420 (however wider than 35) and with a better lens than V1 model. If Leica wants me to pay premium price, must also offer a superior lens as well, good not only because of the “Leica” brand but because of an effective optical excellence you can see on the field

  • Mistral75

    This V-Lux 20 is the clone of Panasonic TZ10 / ZS7. The zoom range is therefore 24-300mm.

  • WMN

    The new Leica V-Lux20 was announced on the 20th April 2010. It is a Panasonic ZS-7 (TZ-10). It built in GPS; HD movie record, have a 25-300mm range. The cost of this product is 549€/559€ and in accessories, you just have a leather case (99€) and a battery (69€).It’s available around the 9th May 2010.

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