What happened to the new 35mm Summilux lens?

No, the new 35mm Summilux lens is not officially announced yet. The pdf brochure is now removed from one of the international Leica sites that leaked it earlier this week. The availability date on the document was listed as "End of March 2010".

The leaked 35 lux pdf document was labeled as "info#9" and was created before the Leica M9 firmware update document, which was labeled as "info#12". The M9 firmware was announced on March 15. Obviously the new 35 Summilux-M lens was ready to be released in the February- March time frame (see previous post here and here) but something changed that in the last moment. Maybe some exotic type of glass was hard to get or maybe Leica decided to produce enough pieces before the announcement, since this lens is expected to become an instant best seller.

Would you buy the new 35 Lux? Here is a small poll:

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  • chris

    i have no doubt that a new 35 will come sooner or later. but i will be *very* surprised if that pdf was a genuine leica document.

  • Nobody Special

    More than likely the information was simply released out of turn – I wouldn’t read too much into it other than that – it happens.

  • LR admin

    Maybe I was not clear, as mentioned before – the document said “Availability: End of March 2010”. The document was real.

  • I love my 35 ‘cron!

  • chris

    how does a mention of availability date (one which was widely disseminated by rumors sites) make the pdf real? i don’t follow.

    i saw the file. it was remarkably poor english translation, but also terrible marketing. in other words, even if it hadn’t been translated by a non-native speaker, i still don’t believe that’s how leica would have presented the lens.

    the photos also looked constructed–the angle of the lens hood doesn’t match the angle of the camera body it is supposedly mounted on.

    anyway, unless the real lens turns out to look quite different from this, i guess we’ll never really know.

  • CJ

    You guys are crazy! There is a PDF file on Leica’s official website with a picture and specs of a lens which replacement is rumored for the past 2 years and you still don’t believe it? Not to mention that Chris Week had a picture of the exact same lens on his website few weeks ago. Of course the English used on the doc is not perfect – it is written by a German! This is nothing new.

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