Underwater housing for Leica M8

Model # UHR-LM8

More pictures available herehere and here.

Features (source):

  • Features: most of the camera
  • View staff: through the glass in their own display / viewfinder available
  • External synchronization: Nikonos 5pin
  • Depth: 45 m
  • Housing: Aluminium
  • Glass: Optical, without additional coatings
  • Other: acrylic resin / copper / steel
  • Size: 190 x 113 x 132 mm
  • Weight: 1000 g (on the ground and without cameras), 100 g (under water / camera)
  • Included: Spare ring / fluid to remove silicone grease ring / silicone gel
  • Price: 6,000 Euros (aprox. 8,000 US$)

More detailed specifications after the break (source):

  • Most functions of the camera can be used on the housing. (Please see below for functions list. )
  • LCD: LCD monitor/Finder
  • External Sync Nikonos 5pin type
  • Water-proof: 45m (150 feet)
  • Size 190 x 113 x 132mm
  • Weight 1000g on land/ without camera 100g under water /with camera
  • included Spare O-ring/Silicon-grease/O-ring remover/ extra Silica-gel
  • Power On/Off
  • Shutter speed dial
  • Shutter button
  • Picture Counter
  • Play button
  • Delete button
  • Protect button
  • Information button
  • Set button
  • Menu button
  • Up button
  • Down button
  • Right button
  • Left button
  • LCD switch button
  • Diaphragm switch button
  • Focus switch button
  • LCD Monitor (Direct-sight type)
  • Measurement window: Acrylic window
  • Lighting window: Acrylic window prism /approximately 60% coverage
  • Finder: Direct-sight type with Pick-up finder
  • Tripod screw: Equipped three spots for the bottom of the housing Slot-stay II/Slot-stay II S (made by Epoque) can be attached.
  • Weight: 1000gm on land/ without camera 100gm under water with camera
  • Price (UK): £4,393.47
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  • David

    That is one hella expensive underwater housing! Underwater photography requires that you get wide and get close to minimize the water between you the subject matter; otherwise it makes no difference whether you are using a Leica lens or a Kodak disposable plastic camera lens. Any pictures taken deeper than 3 meters require strobes. Most Leica lense do not focus all that close so I am not sure whether the M8 would be my top choice under the water. Certainly, for that price, you are better off with a autofocus DSLR and a Sea & Sea underwater housing that can go much deeper than 45 meters . . .

    That said, this may be a nice outfit to take if you are expecting to go somewhere with extreme weather conditions like photographing a storm or be on a snowmoile in the arctic; but again, for that price you might as well just bring an extra camera as a backup . . .

  • Eric Pepin

    So get this, your rich, and you want an underwater set up, oh wait D3X and a proper housing and a fast close focusing lens. Ok so your still rich and want something weather proof… oh wait, you could take your m8 and a second m8 OR two or three dslrs for that price. Ok so your not so rich and splurged on the m8 and are considering this purchuse… or you could just sell the m8 and combine the money into a M9 or use the money to buy a noctilux…

    This does not make any sense at all, how does a company make money off this.

  • J

    Or maybe you’re rich and want to take underwater snapshots of you + your lover on a jacuzzi.

    Hell yeah!!

  • David

    Jacuzzi = hot water = foggy chamber in the housing = foggy pictures. And, unless your jacuzzi is over 3 meters long, good luck focusing on your + your lover with Leica lens (unless you are doing shots of body parts). . . Finally:”your” = possessive; “you’re” = you are. “Your rich” simply “does not make any sense at all.” That said, I agree with the spirit of Eric and J’s comments.

  • Leicamonster

    I wouldn’t be taking pictures. 😉

  • just took delivery of mine and while testing it in the river dropped it and lost the camera and the housing. Damn!

  • LR admin

    Stephen, which river was it ? 🙂

  • David

    I have it, Stephen. The housing with the camera is only 100g in fresh water so, like most UW housings, it floats in water. I’ll return it to you for a modest finder’s fee of USD$3,000.

  • Steve

    Thanks David, that seems a good deal 😉 A mere US$3,000 and Leica in the same sentence, a rare find indeed.

    Admin, I don’t remember which river but David seems to know 🙂

  • Leicamonster

    LOL you guys are funny.

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