What changed in the new Leica 35mm Summilux lens

  • The new lens will have a rectangular, full-metal screw lens hood like the one for the Elmar 24.
  • The new version will be 10 grams heavier.
  • Everything else should remain the same as the old model.
  • I forgot - the new price will be € 3750,-
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  • Leicamonster

    Wow can’t wait to test this one out.
    Nice job LR.

  • LR admin


  • mat

    You know what else will be different? The price… 😉

    And I’ve got to say, the new lens hood is pretty awful looking. On the 24 Elmar too for that matter. That flat space adds an unbalanced look.

  • Steve

    No point to get this lens then…I never found my lens have focus shift problem and performance is excellent

  • mark

    How do you put filters on?

  • David

    I prefer the metal hood over the rubber/plastic hood which in my opinion doesn’t handle travel as well as the metal hood. I imagine you put filter on it the same way you put filter on any Leica lens that comes with a hood — by removing the hood . . . I’ve had 3 35mm Summilux in the past and each focused a little bit differently; the one that was razor sharp at f/1.4 was a bit off at f/2.8, etc. This problem was a bit more noticeable on the digital bodies than the film bodies, I imagine due to the closer nodal point between the lens and sensor of the digital bodies. I speculate this redesign was with the M9 in mind.

  • David

    Leica.com has removed the new 35 Lux from their “new products” page. Obviously, there is trouble in paradise on the smooth release of this product.

  • Why?

    Gosh, what is up with their pricing, this can’t be real. Who wants to buy such cheap as dirt lens? I was expecting it would cost at least 10k, but this is an insult. How shall we show off with this?

  • Ken


  • David

    @ Why: Ha! Point taken indeed. though, with this latest $1T bail out credit line, on top of the U.S. federal government spending spree, do you doubt that hyper inflation is right around the cornder and this lens will indeed be priced at $10K in the not too distant future? ha ha. I’ve never lost money on any Leica lens I bought, that ‘s for sure; Leica is almost as good of a hedge against inflation as gold!

  • David

    Lenses, that is. Don’t know about the camera bodies.

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