Second Leica M9 firmware in 2 weeks to correct in-camera WB?

Current Leica M9 firmware is 1.116

I already tweeted about the Leica M9 event at B&H today. I just learned that Stefan Daniel (Product Manager of Leica M System) was also present at this event. One of the participants raised his concerns about the inaccurate in-camera white balance on the M9 and Stefan Daniel's answer was that a new firmware that will address this issue will be released in two weeks.

Note that I was not present at this event, so if somebody who attended can confirm that news, I would appreciate it.

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  • A new firmware for us M8 users would also be nice. Here’s what I’d like to see:

    * More accurate WB
    * Addition of “Soft” shutter mode
    * Addition of lens selection menu

  • Hmmm..
    * Addition of “Soft” shutter mode
    Beyond the discreet advance mode found in the 2.004 firmware?
    * Addition of lens selection menu
    Does the size of the internal M8 ROM allow for the size of the associated database?

  • kjethoe: That M8 ROM size might be a problem. But it would at least be nice to hear *anything* from Leica concerning an eventual new firmware, or at least their arguments as to why there won’t be any coming. Remember, when they introduced the M8 they boldly proclaimed it would be the only M body one would ever have to buy, and by continual upgrades it would never become out-of-date. Today, it seems like they’ve totally forgotten about the M8 (except for the still ongoin initial update program from when the M8.2 came out). I’m not complaining, just mentioning 🙂

  • Jeff

    I spoke to Stefan (at the B&H Leica event) and expressed my interest in a “more accurate” color balance (including auto white balance temperatures).
    He was aware of some inconsistencies and mentioned that an update would be available shortly. (perhaps within 3 weeks).


  • LR admin

    Thanks for the update Jeff!

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