The documentary “Shooting Robert King” can now be watched online for free

An excellent documentary - worth seeing if you haven't done so already (warning: graphic content).

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  • Victor Hassleblood

    Watched it. Excellent. Thanx.

  • Yianni

    Watched it a couple of night ago and thought it was excellent.

    Those war photographers sure have some balls. Credit where credit is due.


  • nic

    great watch

  • Carlos R B

    Not quite war but take a look at this:

    Shooting in Rio….or getting shot at?….

    • Do you know if they have the whole movie in English somewhere online (not pirated of course)?

  • Carlos R B

    Admin…(from many rumors sites…lol), i guess theres no english version of it yet..hell i didnt find the brasilian dvd version yet…i will check it for you and if theres any news i will post it (here, OK?)…since you dont understand portuguese, just to tell you two quotes from the trailer…Flavio Damn (editor): photographer does not make demagogy,photographer “makes” photography…and right after that the photographer quotes: no photo worths a life….

  • Carlos R B

    Just to ad something…if you like war photography..capa and etc…take a look at BBCs series genius of photogarphy(hope i get the name right as i recall)…the third chapter has Tony Vaccaro…he fought the second war and took pictures….outstanding and chocking….he said he had the camera around his neck and the gun on his hands all the time….

  • The Lens seems to be the Voigtländer 15mm that was released in M39 mount several years ago? There was at least an adapter to M cameras.

  • Lee

    Argh! Missed my chanced, video is no longer online.

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