The first Leica X1 limited edition “Le Mans”

I don't think this is part of what Leica has prepared for Photokina, but this is definitely the first Leica X1 limited edition "Le Mans":

The first Leica X1 limited edition "Le Mans"

The Leica X1 limited edition "Le Mans" will sale for €1690 with case or €1590 without a case. A total of 50 pieces will be available. See more pictures @ Leicastoreparis (in English).

There is a picture of a Leica X1 with a silver lens (the original X1 has a black lens) - maybe this is one of the early prototypes?

Few months ago a black Leica X1 showed up on a German TV show.

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  • M!

    isn’t it a little late to put out a limited edition to commemorate an event?
    the le mans / le mans classic (2010) was over a month ago..

  • Alain2x

    This Le Mans Classic edition could be seen at the Leica shop/store at Le Mans, during the 3 days of practice and races.

    I’m thinking about a special “Alain2x” edition. They sure would happily do it for me and my many friends.

  • Joe

    Gee. A sticker on top of the camera. I hope they didn’t strain themselves putting so much effort into this limited edition. face-palm

  • Dave

    They really are shameless

  • PifflePotatoes

    really wish they would stop farting out so many limited edition cameras, kind of goes against the “limited” idea.

    maybe we should ask for a limited edition Leica Rumors X1, all it takes is a sticker.

    • I like that – Leica Rumors Limited Edition 🙂 I am not sure if it will sell that well…

  • Please tell me they didint actually just add a sticker, surely they customized the controls, paint, menus, leatherette, something please.


  • M!

    after reading this, and realizing they had a booth at lemans, it makes some sense…
    kind of like a souvenir piece for the rich folks entering their cars at lemans classic or the spectators. so instead of an el-cheapo cap or t-shirt, they buy a leica to use right away.

  • tomaszk

    following on M, …yeah or : “My folks went to Le Mans,
    and all I got was this lousy X1”

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