Leica EVIL to be introduced on Monday?

l-camera blog published an intriguing picture of the stamp from the invitation Leica sent out for an event that will take place on Monday (8 pm CET, 2pm EST). The stamp clearly shows the shape of a new camera (my guess: the new Leica EVIL + R-solution):

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  • Nobody Special

    Nice catch, looks like an early drawing/scetch/concept that could be a body shape or a camera case, looks like sticthing can be seen. But even if it is a case, I can’t remember there being one of that shape for an M or R body. Ah, more pondering!!!
    Rumors can be maddening – especially if this one is true – could they really have something so new and diffrernt from everyone else?!?

    • I believe they will have something new besides the Panasonic clones.

      • Nobody Special

        Agreed, it seems that after nearly 100 years, Leica camera is getting it’s ‘second wind’, if so, it’s truly a remarkably good thing for the industry – in my oppinion. If they pull it off, it will show the importance of innovation, and the importance of creativity while maintaining tradition – not an easy thing to accomplish in todays market.

  • Ronald

    “the phase AF is ON the main sensor”Is it same as Fuji F300??

  • Peter Ahrens

    I’m hoping this is the Leica that lets me sell my darned Canon 5D MKII. I want a landscape camera but the S2 is too expensive. The Leica M9 is a bit too expensive especially for something not suited entirely to landscapes. Please let this be it. 3200 euros sounds like such a decent price.

  • My instant impression is the leather bag for a Digilux 2-looking camera with a bulk on the one side to house a new viewfinder mechanism. We’ll know more monday!

    It could be anything, even a new V-Lux or X-something. Depends on size.

  • stepper

    I wonder what the arrows are calling out in the tech sketch.

    I’m guessing this will be $3000.00.

  • Richard

    Looks a bit cheap at first glance: the body casing is obviously made from at least two parts, referring to what’s shown in the top-plate or base-plate sketch. I’d expect a $3000+ camera not to have that kind of separating lines.

    • Nobody Special

      It’s a drawing – of some kind of body shape or maybe a case – not much to judge on really.

      • Richard

        I don’t know why anyone would care to sketch out a casing like this, but you might be right: it could also explain the “stitches” along the lines.

        If it’s a camera body, I still think that if the body isn’t made from some kind of cast/mold thus avoiding the “dividing lines”, it looks cheap.

        Actually when looking at the cameras rightmost side, it looks like it have hinges. Maybe for a memory card / battery compartment door, but it kind of looks like the hinges on a analog film camera. It also looks like it has a light meter window somewhere below the shutte release button.

        Not much more to tell from this scarcly detailed sketch, so I guess we can wait a couple of days.

        • Wes

          So, what happened to the EVIL camera then?

  • Joe

    Just noticed the sketch in the bottom right is of the top of the camera.

    • Angora

      Thanks, I was wondering ^^

  • Bob

    There was some recent buzz about the Panasonic LC-1/Digilux 2, even though the camera is at least 5 years old (ancient in digital) –and some rumors about a new Panasonic with a rangefinder type focusing system. I wonder….

    @Thorsten–do you have any insights?

    • No special insight at all, I’m guessing and hoping for something sexy as the rest of you.

  • To me it looks like a simple sketch of an M camera, in a holster.
    BTW a friend of mine (a pro) has already seen the Titanium M9, with its holster.
    Not really a rumor anymore…

  • Camaman

    Phase AF sensors on Sensor sound, most interesting to me. Bravo Leica! If they push this inovation into large sensor domain first!
    And seling it at a more reasonable price… Great move after so many years of rebuilding its name, this time in digital!
    It would sell like hotcakes.
    what about EVF instead of rangefinder idea? 🙂

  • Tori

    The image looks like a new X1 case.

    There will be no Leica EVIL or R solution at Photokina. That’s a guarantee.

    • Richard

      Some guarrantie you’re giving, especially since you can’t tell the top plate of the sketched camera from a X1.

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