Leica M9 Titanium Limited Edition concepts

Leica published online extracts of the The Leica M9 Titanium Limited Edition story book. The PDF file contains some interesting M9 concept cameras:

I wonder if some of those designs will be used in the Leica M10.

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  • bb

    they look so much better than the m9 titan for sure

  • Dave

    With the exception of the first one, they are all ugly, and Leica chose the ugliest one of all.

    They don’t seem to understand that you don’t mess with a classic.

  • Thomas Schorr

    I don‘t like the designs at all.
    Sure there must be some kind of evolution, but not this way.
    They look like smooth compact cams. And I say cams because I don‘t see much difference between the mainstream digi cams. M8, M9 and MP are already near to perfect in design.
    Customers don‘t want it too reduced, too “modern”. At least we want to imagine the magic of photography, the capture of moment and light.

  • skinnfell

    Leica has had over 50 years to come up with a better design than the M3 heritage still present in the M9.

    Why this sudden urge to change it?

    These cameras all look too “asian”.
    The only one I kinda like is the first one, and only because it looks like the current M9.

    Only when those two are impeccable can you start messing around with useless decoration.

  • mat

    I agree that the best of the group is the first one. The way the top plate scoops up is subtly different than the others are really pretty nice.

    I’m not sure I’d say any of them look ‘Asian’ though (Asia stretches a long way and I don’t know if there anything like a unified design aesthetic there); perhaps too much inspired by what a Leica M in a manga comic might look like.

    I also have to say that the new handgrip and shoulder carrier is possibly one of the worst ideas I seen in a while, completely devoid of any consideration into the multiple ways someone carrying an M throughout a long day of shooting actually does that — not to mention utterly dorky looking. It’s too designed and too prescriptive.

    The whole concept is too designed, too much trying to look designed.

  • I think they are just part of the thinking-process rather than actual concepts. When you know how much prototypes are worth on the collectors market it make even more sense to make them.

    That they exist doesn’t mean the design must change. One likely development when dealing with a classic design could be that you see that it’s perfect as is. And a Leica M is not just the looks, it’s also the feel, the weight, the sound and all.

  • I like the third one (with what appears to be carbon fiber material); it’s a new century from the M3, time to get more modern.

  • Ronnie

    The Bauhaus ethos – ‘form follows function’ – is missing here. These are simply exercises in styling. Once cameras became electronic rather than mechanical devices, the designers lost their way. (a bit like cars) …Oops, I forgot – they’re designed by a car designer, aren’t they 😀

  • Biff

    None of them are able to show any evolution of the functionalism of the original design – they’re just styling exercises for a device that doesn’t need any styling.

  • Biff

    Oh – I see Ronnie said it all already…

  • starground

    As for the shoulder carrier; it seems more like a fashion statement (Vogue Homme October 2010 anyone?) and not something you would use. For $25 methinks this is a better one: http://figitalrevolution.com/y-strap/ . But clearly this camera will not see any action, only the inside of a japanese bank vault. A bit sad really.

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