Leica V-Lux 2 now shipping in the US

Update: B&H has them in stock as well.

Leica V-Lux 2 is now shipping in the US and should reach stores in the next few days. Amazon already has some in stock:

Leica V-Lux 2 now shipping

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  • Nucleon

    I’ll probably end up buying one of these eventually, but could someone please explain why it is $350 more than its identical Panasonic twin???

    • asdasd

      i guess you must be new to Leica.
      It’s the red circle, silly!

  • Nobody Special

    As I understand it, Leica provides a more complete software package and there ‘may’ be a few body tweaks. But they say the software is the main thing.

    The optics are the same, etc…. I seem to recall that in certain past Pana-Leicas there may have been other differences but what they were and what models, I’m not sure.

  • My 2 cent

    Everything is exactly the same in all pannyleica, the differences are located in the firmware which a bit different, ONLY useful if you shoot jpegs, but if you shoot RAW, you won’t see any difference between all panny rebadged leica 🙂

    but if you like leica, minimalistic design with a great collector vintage leather case, then get the leica 🙂

  • E-Thug Trollsworth

    I thought that they said smaller sensors just cannot deliver the image quality leica was looking for? What a crock…

    Donate your $300 to the poor

  • Eric Pepin

    Leica embarrassing themselves again.

  • I got the chance to play briefly with the V-Lux 2. Will upload few pictures/videos later on.

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