The most expensive Leica camera ever was sold during the last Westlicht auction

The last Westlicht auction is over: the Leica 250 “Reporter” sold for 180,000EUR and the experimental Leica MP2 camera sold for a whopping 402,000 EUR (around 537,000USD)! The initial expected price was between EUR 150000-180000 and for now this is the most expensive Leica camera ever sold. From the descriptions:

“The MP-2 was the first experimental M cameras with electric motor drive built in the late 1950′s, only 6 cameras were produced in black paint finish, only 4 are known to exist”

The next Westlicht auction will take place on May 28th, 2011.

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  • Who on Earth buys this stuff? Someone who wants to show off their big nuts, or what? I’ve been to the homes of a lot of photographer friends, and never seen a display case or anything with valuable cameras hanging around.

    • If you made $ 25,000,000 a year it would be equivalent to you ( I hope you’re not a millionaire! ) buying a $ 89.95 point and shoot!

    • Big Boy

      Penis envy?

  • max

    in my opinion the buyer is the singer Seal .(leica testimonial and very involved into leica collections)

    • No, the camera was sold to an Asian collector (of course).

      • Jay Gannon

        I heard it was winging its way to the US.. but might have been misinformed.

      • NikoDoby

        Admin, I was going to surprise you on Christmas morning, but that no good Asian real estate mogul beat my bid for the MP2 at the last second! 😉

        • NikoDoby – no problem, you can go with plan “B”: Leica M9 Titanium 🙂

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