Fuji X100 priced at $1,199.00 (quickly compared with Leica X1)

Update: see my updated comparison between the Fuji X100 and Leia X1.

Adorama listed the Fuji X100 camera at $1,199.00 and is now taking pre-orders. This is $800 less than the Leica X1. Here is a quick specifications comparison between the X100 and the X1:

  • Both cameras have a 12MP APS-C CMOS sensor.
  • The Fuji camera has a 2.8 in. 460,000 dots LCD screen, compared to 2.7 in. 230,000 dots on the Leica X1.
  • Fuji's X100 ISO range is 200-6400 (expandable to 100-12800), Leica X1 has ISO range of 100-3200.
  • Fuji X100 has a 23mm f/2 lens, Leica X1 has a 24mm f/2.8 lens (both will be aprox. 35mm equivalent)
  • Both cameras take SD cards.
  • The Fuji X100 can do 5fps in continuous shooting compared to 3 fps for the Leica X1.
  • Fuji X100 has a max shutter speed of 1/4000, for the Leica X1 the maximum is 1/2000.
  • Minimal focus distance is 10cm for the X100 and 30cm for the x1.
  • In addition, the Fuji X100 can record video in HD (1280x720) with stereo sound and has a hybrid viewfinder with 1,440,000 dots. The Fuji X100 will also have a flash commander mode.

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  • Carlos Sol

    I’d like to see a comparison between the X100 and the M8.

    A lot of people are buying the M8 as a way to step up to the rangefinder digital cameras and the great m mount lenses… is the X100 a match?

    • John

      Can’t really compare the X100 with the M8, or any other real “Rangefinder” camera for that matter. The X100 is not an actual Rangefinder camera (only looks like one), thus for those who either want/need/used-to-using a Rangefinder camera, the only digital choices still remain the Leica digital M’s and the Epson RD-1 range.

  • Andrew Babington

    I’m afraid the only thing saving the X1 now is its red dot.

    • sajkhd

      you misspelled “i think even red dot cannot save X1”

      • John

        Haha yeah. Hopefully Leica will get their act together for round two and bring out something worthwhile. Doubt it though, they’ll probably stick on TWO red dots in an attempt to justify the price. 😛

  • John Harvey

    M8 is a different animal. But either way, if the quality of the lens is there on the X100, that makes this camera a really good deal! Back to the X1 v X100…there is no comparison, Leica should step up their game. I’m ordering the x100 now.

  • Kees Toxopeus

    One thing the X1 has, is its different buttons lay-out compared to the rest of the cameras.

    The Leica lens quality must also make up for something (I hope).

    I’m not yet convinced to exchange my X1 for an X100. I first want to see some pictures, reviews etc.. Especially about the viewfinder experiences, since Fuji boasts about it.

  • Dan Chip

    It’s all down to image quality. I owned an X1 briefly before upgrading to an M9 and I must say, the little X1 had image quality that even gives my M9 and 35mm Summicron ASPH a run for it’s money. The 35 Cron is reputed to have the highest quality of any lens so the X1 is certainly worth the money. Let’s see if the X100 can keep up!

  • regular

    Leica X1 was released around Sept 09, the X100 is expected Q1 2011. So of course I expect the X100 to have better specs in comparison.

    Still, are the specs so much better that I will me shell out money? not sure, especially for an AF-only camera.

    I may as well wait for a second-hand M8.2 : rangefinder, M-mount, APS-H sensor.

    • I think we will see a X200 before we see a X2 🙂

      • Nobody Special

        I absolutely agree. Leica has taken a shakey course and they have yet to show what product direction they will take.

        Quality is still on Leicas’ side (with the M andS) but the X is another matter – if it had interchangable lenses it would be a different story – same with X100 but it already has a new design over the X1.

        I’m not holding my breath – again.

        • I don’t think think Leica will release a X1 version with interchangeable M lenses because this will cannibalize the sales of the M9 – wasn’t that the reason they discontinued the Leica CL years ago? I do still believe that Leica will release a different product line with interchangeable lenses that will take also old R lenses (with an adapter).

  • Banjo

    The Fuji has a Fudji lens.
    That may make a difference…

  • Comparable in price. The Fuji seems way better.

    • WaterEngineer

      That is way too much $$$ for what it is. Fujifilm is making a killing on that camera because they positioned it against the leica. Marketing, I guess. Again, way too much money.

      I will wait for the full blown real world, hands on IQ, noise ans sensor reports.

      • Most of the cameras out there are over priced. The X100 will drop immediately after release. I’m waiting for the thorough reviews as well.

        • preston

          not if it sells well

  • BlueLeica

    Agreed with WaterEngineer. The fact that Fujifilm may come up with more pro cameras it’s wise to wait. I hate how Olympus released the Pen m4/3 camera series so close to each other.

  • BlueLeica

    On another note the X1 is a beauty. I also love the transport case which is very practical. I just wished the price was lower …

  • I pre-ordered one today and will post a hands-on as soon as I get it in March.

  • Here are the size comparisons of some of the better compact cameras out there (IMHO):

    Leica X1: 124 x 60 x 32mm (306g)
    Fuji X100: 127 x 75 x 54 mm (weight unknown)
    Leica M9: 139 x 80 x 37mm (without lens) (585g)
    Nikon D3100: 124 x 96 x 75mm (without lens) (505g)
    Canon S95: 100 x 58 x 30mm (195g)

    Of the above, obviously the S95 is the smallest and gives quite a punch for the small package, but with a 1/1.7″ sensor it’s just not in the same league as the other cameras in that lineup. For me the whole purpose of owning an X1 is the compactness of the camera, for days I don’t want to carry the M9 or a DSLR (one of the smallest out there would be the Nikon D3100).

    The X100 certainly seems very promising as an excellent camera, but with a size approaching that of an M9 (and nearly twice as thick as the X1), it doesn’t seem to offer itself as a “compact camera.” In short, the X1 fits in my cargo pants pocket (abeit barely), the X100 will not because it is double in thickness. For that reason, I don’t think the X1 is the appropriate to-be-compared camera. (BTW interestingly the x100 is almost the exact same size as my old Canon z115 (for those of you who actually shot film at one point, the canon z115 was quite a “compact” film camera in it’s days, offering zoom capability of 38-115mm.))

    If I am going to get something as large as the X100 that doesn’t provide zoom capabilities, I might as well just carry marginally more weight with my M9, which I anticipate will still provide superior images over the x100 (unless the X100 somehow delivers optical quality that can beat the combination of Leica M lenses + the Kodad sensor (which I doubt it). Or, I might as well bring a little more bulk with the Nikon 3100 for the DSLR versatility (and ability to change lenses).

    When you step back and look at the alternatives, it seems to offer no distinct identity (not quite small enough to be a compact, isnt’ as versatile as a DSLR, and doesn’t deliver the IQ of the big brother M9 that isn’t much larger). Then again, perhaps it is the ultimate “compromise” camera, a little of everything. So if I owned only one camera, the X100 would seem to be a top choice for all occassions. If I owned a DSLR, a compact, and a range finder, then I am not sure in what situation I would take out the X100.

    • Of course, the price tage difference between the x100 and M9 + lens didn’t escape me. If economics is an issue, the X100 would move a lot higher on the list, but it is hard to beat the economics of a DSLR these days.

    • WaterEngineer


      Thank you for posting the comparative dimensions.

      Yes, I see the body size of the X100 is approaching the M9.

      As I have criticized Fujifilm on this board before for missteps with the X100, I am disappointed at the price. As I state above the price is stupid for what the camera is.

      One of the design arguments I read in one of the interviews with Fuji management was the design engineers were having difficulty trying to fit a bayonet-type interchangeable lens on the body because of the distance between the flange and the sensor (or perhaps the curtain.)

      I call BS on on that. Every other camera company seems to have solved that issue on smaller format cameras. Evidence: NEX, EPL2, Samsung and GF1.

      What I believe happened is that an early version of the camera was shown to marketing. Then the marketing folks drove the bus from that point forward – telling design, “Ya, ya, that is good enough. We can position the camera with a fixed lens…………..”

      Thus, no effort was made within Fuji or with a third party vendor to design and implement a lens collection, at this point.

      I have done enough design engineering to know there were a ton of ideas floating around in the lab. I will bet there were (are) ideas about the lens floating around.

      What should have happened is marketing should have cooled it for a while and let engineering ID a new interchangeable lens .

      To really have hit a home run, and to beat Leica at their own game Fuji should have come out with an interchangeable lens body and say, three lenses. That lens should have auto focus capability with “easy” override for final focus. The lens will have to be stunning to compete int he pool Fuji has decided to play in.

      • regular

        You are comparing the dimensions of an APS-C camera with a set of 4/3 cameras.

        • WaterEngineer


          That has nothing to do with it. There is still the lens flange to sensor/curtain dimension “issue” to consider and design around.

          Again, the other companies figured it out.

          Besides the Sony NEX is an APS-C camera.

      • anon

        Look at Fuji’s past cameras – the GS645 and GA645, GW670, GSW670, GW690, GSW690, etc. etc. what do they all have in common? Fixed lenses. Fuji LOVES fixed lenses. They always have. Your argument is invalid.

        • Not to take sides on this debate, but I have the GSW 690 III and yes it is a wonderful camera if you don’t mind carrying it around. the 6X9 image, especially after a drum scan, is difficult to beat. But Fuji also makes a GX617, which I also own, that offers interchangeable lenses (90, 105, 180, and 300mm).

    • MiTaka

      The dimensions you gave for x1 are misleading. 124 x 60 x 50 mm are the correct ones, and this is with the lens retracted.
      Here is a visual comparison
      visual comparison 450kB image

      • I simply used the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. With the lens retracted, the X1 is certainly much thinner than the x100. And since when I carry around a camera, the lens would be in the retracted position, I am not sure if it really makes a difference what are the dimensions once the camera is “out of pocket.” Your photo, on the other hand, appears misleading since it seems to suggest that with the lens retracted, the X1 is as thick as the x100; that is not my understanding based on the dimensions provided by Fuji.

        • MiTaka

          OK, so the manufacturer (Leica) has misled You. Fuji is 4 mm thicker – 50 mm against 54, but X1 lens will extend further once turned on. Also the x1 has a 6 mm thick lens cap, so it’s really 56mm, can not comment on fuji’s yet. So Yes X1 (even with retracted lens) is as thick as X100.

          • Ha! you are right! Thank you. In that case, the calculus for my analysis changes completely. In that case neither one (x1 or the x100) really makes sense to have if IQ is important and you already have a M9 (and can handle manual focus), though the video on the x100 is a plus. For the sake of auto focus, video, and party pictures, I think the S95 still makes more sense.

  • M!

    the x1 is a niche camera, and so is this fuji.
    i love to see how these two perform in comparison.
    of course, the newer X100 has an edge over the older X1.
    hopefully the Fuji will not disappoint and deliver excellent quality as it was designed for.

  • Ole

    A fine-looking camera indeed. Don’t you think that Fuji set the price in view of the overwhelming response they have received on the X100? I mean, if the response had been much less excitement, I bet the price would have been much lower.

  • Certainly more features than the X1 but for me its all about IQ not features.

    Personally, and may be wrong but I don’t think the IQ will be quite up to par with the X1, Fuji know this and have priced it accordingly.

    Or maybe im just turning into a Leica snob 😛

    • I agree, I think Fuji will put all their efforts in the X100 product line because imho they really don’t have anything exciting in their product line.

  • In the end it’s allways the glass. And Leica has a great reputation in this area.

  • NYC

    The X1 is toast

  • Rob Glieden

    The biggest comparison for me is on one of the cameras you get to look through a viewfinder to compose – not the LCD screen or an awkward attachment. Leica and Panasonic have some catching-up to do now that the x100 got it right at least from a design perspective. Now if they’ll only make a black one…

  • Image quality wise, I’m extremely pleased with my Sigma DP2, the lens is almost too perfect for my taste. It has very smooth bokeh, razor sharp focus, and very few artifacts.

    But it doesn’t have an optical viewfinder that lets me focus. Only a “dead” snap on vf, like the X1 has.

    The Fuji is a game changer, and sits between the X1 and M9 target markets. That’s me as well. So if the image quality is satisfying, they have a winner!

  • Derik Koch

    Fuji X100 is the way to go.
    It is contemporary (read capable and useful) unlike ANY Leica which harks back to the glories of the past at a huge price as well. Leicas are for people with loads of money
    to burn as well as the mistaken belief that
    carrying around a Leica means you’re a “Top” photographer.
    Can ANYONE in true honesty want an S2, when many MF cameras will do just as well at a fraction of the price?
    These cameras are museum pieces like Veyrons.
    Europeans have a habit of making BIG expensive things which ultimately no one can afford to keep. Think Roll Royce/Bently, Lamborghinis, Maybach, Veyrons”Royalty” etc, etc,…
    The days of European Supremacy in such matters has long gone, sad to say for some and total denial for others.
    Nothing European made is as good as they try to make out , not even the Pope.

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