Leica R10 and M9 design concepts

The above video shows a design concept for a Leica R10 camera by Pirela Neuman. This is just the artist's view on how a digital R10 would look like and is not related to Leica AG in any way (I have to say this because there were some misunderstandings in the past). You can also check the 3D rendering of a Leica M9 "Pirela Neuman edition" on his website:

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  • Judge

    Bloody awful!
    Please go design a “future” Samsung camera instead. Better yet; go commit design-rape where no one would care. Like Alienware-products or an HP-printer.

    My eyes….

    • I do like the M9 design, but again – those are just concepts, everyone has different taste.

  • JR

    That’s awful, bulky, and redundant.

  • There are few good ideas for the R but i do not know why the Mx should be changed physically. The inside needs amelioration, but the design is great as it is !

  • R!


  • dino

    I wouldn’t mind it. The real problem will be – as usual – the price… something between M9 and S2, i.e. way out for 99% of photographers.

  • Richard

    My gawd, I’ve seen some ugly industrial designs before from 1st year students but this has to take the cake. Friggin awlful I’m afraid. Hopefully he’ll come up witht something better afteer another coffee!.

  • Eugene

    The R10 concept is horrible!

    I’d rather see a camera that looks like the R10 with a larger screen. Merge the Digilux and R series that uses a mount that can use both R and 4/3 Mount, with a 30-40MP full-frame sensor that moves back-and-forth to accommodate the correct flange focal distance. If a 4/3 lens is used, the sensor would automatically move forward and utilizes a small part of the sensor that is equal to the size of 4/3 sensors.

    That would be a much nicer concept for me.

  • The M9 concept makes sense ergonomically, but I would put the mode dial (Off, S, C, T.) in the rear so the user could see the mode they are in.

    The symmetry of the R10 concept is interesting but manufacturing costs would be high having to make two of certain things.

  • Nobody Special

    Well Leica said they would not make a DSLR R10, meaning no reflex design. I don’t mind the design out of hand though, the control dial placement is interesting but the dual battery ports would make it awfully HEAVY.

    The M9 has some interesting design elements as does the ‘R10’……too bad for Leica.

    Interesting how much possibilities exist for them but they can’t seem to find a way to move forward while preserving their past……..and their customer base.

    • AB

      “Interesting how much possibilities exist for them but they can’t seem to find a way to move forward while preserving their past……..and their customer base.”

      Yes, it’s a problem. I can understand why current Leica owners do not want their M cameras to deviate from its time honoured designs (actually, I don’t think there are any real design in the M architecture. It’s a case of function over design). But we mustn’t be hesitant to embrace new aesthetic design ideas and elements. Especially for the R-system which could be improved enormously.

      Personally, I do have fears that Leica might become the Jaguar or SAAB of the photography world. That is, only Jaguar buyers buy Jaguars and only SAAB buyers buy SAAB’s. Jaguar hit the wall in the late 1980’s and numerous times again because it didn’t change its anarchronistic styling and failing dynamics until it was too late and SAAB’s quirky designs failed to attract new customers to the marque.

      You may say Leica is going gangbusters with record sales at the moment. But it doesn’t detract from the fact that Leica is in a precarious position where it has to invest massively in electronics to keep up with the Japanese.

      Anyone heard the rumour about a mirrorless Nikon with 24mp?

  • AB

    Good work by Mr Neuman,

    I find the R10 design concept interesting. It definitely offers something new. The larger LCD display is welcoming but the row of buttons at the bottom of the LCD display will make it unergonomical. I think a row of buttons on each side of the LCD display will be much better.

    Also, the shutter selection toggle must remain at the top of the camera (you just can’t move it!!). The twin thumb wheels (ISO and shutter speed) would require the camera to be held comfortably like a playstation controller with larger hand-grips on the sides of the camera. It would probably make it look better too.

    • Thank you for your (and the others) comments, i take note of the suggestion of ergonomical things, well, one of the ideas in the camera concept is the symmetrical design, with a “Hand” selection, and this idea is the north of the whole concept, Thank you for your support 🙂

      • Mike Svitek

        I know that its WAAAAAY too late… but where was the shutter?

      • Mike Svitek

        I know that its WAAAAAY too late… but where was the shutter?

  • Kevin

    what a stupid.

  • James Kel

    This is just stupid. Enough with these type of ‘concepts’, even if they’re related to Leica in SOME way.

  • akk


  • Peter

    Makes me want to stick with and M6 and R6.2 all the more. Also made me want to vomit.

  • Discontinued

    Usually …

    … I do not enter the “bashing-competitions” of the comment section, which always take place, whenever a design concept is published on either LR, NR or PR and think: just give a designer or a student some space to breath.

    BUT …

    this concept – both actually – greatly deserve as much bashing as they can possibly collect.
    How can one possibly honor oneself with an own and personal M-edition ? This is a concept of plain arrogance rather than a conceptual design.

  • M!!

    Ergonomics is certainly not this designer’s priority in this R10 Concept.
    As simple as turning the camera on, you are in trouble. Look at the “Power” button: it is located in a very very very very very obnoxious area.

    You cannot even do a one hand operation turning on the camera and start shooting.
    oh yeah, he wants the camera to be “L” Hand friendly.

    As for the M9, again, why reinvent the wheel??
    these designers cannot leave things alone, and have to move things around.
    not sure placing the camera strap eyelets so far forward to the front of the camera accomplish anything. now, you have your camera strap right where your power slider is.

    Good Job keeping us turning on our cameras.

  • Jorgen

    I especially like the “Aspmerical” Summilux :’)

  • Juanitodillon

    Whats with the bubble leica logo? I know its on the titanium M9, but that looks like shitz.

  • tomaszk

    The M9 looks pretty cool, though as others have already pointed out, some of the control buttons coud be better placed.

    The R10 on the other hand, looks ruddy awful! It also does not look like it would fit ergonomically in one’s hands. It looks moor like a disc as used in ahtletics. We could have a competition to see who can throw it the furthest. But seriously, the design is a “misgeburt”

  • Peter

    Anyone else notice that most new cars look like they’ve been through the same wind tunnel for their design? Not as interesting as they used to be. Many modern camera’s are starting to look like they’ve been through the same wind tunnel too.

    Here’s a tip: cameras don’t need to fly, or even go fast…. I don’t care about the drag on my camera… even when I’m running with it!

    Designers seem to be suffering from some sort of ‘group think’. Might be partly to do with them all using the same crappy 3D visualisation programs. All the glossy reflections and final gather rubbish seem to seduce the mind. Throw in a few beveled edges… and you’re done!

    I think not.

  • Torben

    The very nature of Leica is totally lost in the R10 design, there is nothing there, just a soulless animation… a button for Wi-Fi and a button for Bluetooth, what?, this have ruined my day, goodnight!.

  • Eduardo Romero

    I see these as a 3D concept sketches and entertainment, nothing more. For example, the lugs on front of the M9 body, one question: Why? I think that’s the most hated “feature” in a Voigtländer Bessa. That’s the problem with designers, sometimes design is all about ego and beauty, on the other hand engineering is always about the user. BTW I’m a designer.

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