Ricoh to announce Leica lens unit for the GXR system

image credit: DC Watch

Rumors about a Leica mount cartridge for the Ricoh GRX system have been floating around for a while. A prototype was shown at the CP+ show last year. AP just broke the news that the unit is about to be announced - it will have a 12.9MP 23.6x15.7mm APS-C size CMOS sensor and a newly-developed focal plane shutter. The unit is expected to be released in autumn of 2011.

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  • ZDP-189

    Now the GXR M-Mount module is out, will Ricoh re-release the rare and collectible Ricoh GR 28/2.8 and 21/3.5 lenses?

  • Tevit

    How do you focus one of these things?

    • With the Leica mount it will be manually I guess. I think the GRX has a focus assist function.

      • Tevit

        Wow, that means that the mount has to be electronically coupled, no? Or would the assist need to focus off of the plane?

  • BO

    Would be something if it could move the sensor like contax pioneered for in body focusing.

  • B

    Not too interesting. The sensor is not realy good enough for this level of lenses.
    What people really need is a concurrent for the Leica M9. A Zeiss Ikon digital or Nikon S Digital….
    But it seems hopeless.

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