Leica M9 + Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 video review

A quick video review of the Leica M9 + Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 combo from Adorama:

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  • broxibear

    I’m going to have to go into a retailer and have a play with a Leica M9…I’ll probabaly leave my credit card at home though…just incase I hand it over and starting tapping in my pin number…£4950 ?…ouch !
    The reviewer mentioned he didn’t like the low res screen, the only other negative thing I’ve heard about the M9, apart from the price, is the battery…apparently it doesn’t last very long.

  • Dan

    The battery isn’t too bad. Just have a back up (or two, or three…) if you’re going to be on a long shoot. The screen IS pretty terrible but as he said you just learn to check composition and have faith in your focusing skills. I am often gob smacked when I get home and download the images to my Mac. The clarity when I use my Cron 35 Asph is amazing. I’ve got a lux 50mm 1.4 pre-ASPH and while a great lens the ASPH version looks incredible and just watching this video has made me want one even more than before! Good review. But some sample images at the end would be nice. Not for quality reasons, it’s just nice to see how people shoot with a rangefinder. Might have to do my own video review soon!

  • Its amazing that they actually have a 50mm Summilux in stock.

    By tomorrow I imagine it will be sold.

  • Of course, it must be noted that a video from Adorama is a sales pitch, not a review.

    • EE


  • Brian Hirschfeld

    Adorama doesn’t have the 50 summilux in stock, I have been waiting about a year and a half for a 50 summilux to come into my camera store for me, very much in demand.

    also two comments I have from my experiences with my M9, yes compared to my D3s the screen is bad, but compare it to my hasselblad……damn that M9 screen looks good.

    I personally havn’t found any issue with the battery life. I carry one back up and that could easily get me through a few days of shooting in my experience.

  • grumps

    I agree the battery life isn’t your biggest problem, of course it would be great if it were DSLR standards! Buy an extra one or two!

    Also I’d like to add that the 50 cron is amazing on the M9. Take whatever you want from that.

    The screen issue is that it is good enough, for a rangefinder, and shooting manual, you expect things to be basic. I don’t suggest an M9 for a beginner photographer but even if you’re a novice enthusiast, sure give it a go!

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