Leica M shooters, don’t forget to take your lens cap off!

I have to admit, it has happen to me few times as well (at least I was not caught on video):

Even Eric Clapton and... Victoria Beckham did it:

Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Credit: AP

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  • MB

    They should have used a Nikon DSLR!

  • CP

    Lens caps are to be lost and that’s it. What a putz…

  • What a douche! I mean, seriously. Happens to me all the time, but I realize after trying the first time. He took how many, four attempts, and even checked the lens several times … FAIL!

  • Seamus

    Just because you have the cash to buy one doesn’t mean you have the brains to use it. This guy is clearly in that group. I kept thinking, every time he’d leave the camera back that he was going to discover it, but no chance.

    • kww

      That’s not the point, they are GIVEN these toys so that they are photographed with them.

  • benjamin

    i m not sure which model that is, but… wouldn’t the (very dark)meter reading tell you something’s wrong?..

    • Pom pom pom

      Oh, but he did noticed the dark light metering.

      That’s why he was checking the aperture ring a few times, changing exposure time.
      But it never came to his mind that it could be another parameter that is not displayed in his viewfinder :p

    • mmradman


      • mmradman

        Actually it happened to me many years ago with Yashica RF, only lightmeter was not TTL.

        • I ve done it a couple of time with the yashica GTN myself, but there’s really no excuse if you ve got TTL metering.. i should go make good friend with that guy, that way, maybe i could get my first leica =P

  • benjamin – yes, it would. Doubly a douche, thus …

  • grumps

    Seriously for that long and repeatedly?
    It’s happened to me numerous times, but it’s the first thing I notice!

  • They should donate their cameras to people that really know how to use them. No? Oh well.

  • Jonny

    Victoria has a Digilux 2 with a digital viewfinder! She looks through that lens…
    She´s so stupid…

    • adam

      Then she realises it’s black, and takes the lens cap off.. Seriously cut them some slack. I’ve seen famous photographers do this.

  • I understand them because that happens some times, but with experience you learn.

  • R!


  • Well, this is why I never use caps lens. 🙂

    • That’s exactly right. Use a protection filter instead. I only store lenses with caps when they are in a bag, then they come off when taken out.

  • M!!

    how moronic can this person be?

    • M!!

      perhaps Leica would make a M9ronic limited edition to dedicate this important photographer.

    • adam

      It’s not a TTL camera. It’s detached. Easy to make the mistake till you look at your meter. I’ve been shooting for 15 years. Never use lens caps, but once and a while I put one on for travel, and I always forget to take it off for the first frame.

  • sloma_p

    Taking pictures with lans cap, in the shades (?!!?), with big gold watch – yeah…too much money, too little brains…

  • JTori

    Look closely. It’s a film Leica.

    • Jorgen

      It’s an M6, with what appears to be a noctilux?

  • Michael

    Funny stuff. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s I had a Yashica as well. Of course it happened to me as it has everyone that has every had a rangefinder but I always figured it out after a shot or two. Slap myself and then take photos.

    Classic case of more money than sense.

  • broxibear

    Another, and far funnier, unboxing of the Leica M9 Titanium…

  • ceebee

    He shows a constrained smile every time he raises the cam – but a dull facial expression when he lowers it. Maybe he believes that a grin makes him a better photog.

  • Alexis

    I am surprised that he didnt wipe the viewfinder!

  • rich people who have no clue

  • William Lanteigne

    It doesn’t happen with SLRs, film or digital. It rarely happens with TLRs, but it does happen. Although I’ve never taken a shot with the lens cap on any SLR, I have forgotten film, batteries, memory cards. BUT I always have a compact camera as a backup, AND my cellphone is always in my pocket.

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