Leica X1 firmware v2.0 will be out on March 29th *updated*

Leica X1 firmware v1.0 will soon be history

Leica Camera Russia just reported that firmware V2.0 for Leica X1 will be out on March 29th. The new firmware version includes the following changes (Google translation):

  • A more accurate manual focusing thanks to the fact that the manual focus screen now always shows the image on the basis of an open aperture.
  • Improved manual focus. Now with the slow scrolling wheel focused perhaps more accurately focus.
  • Enter the 2 speed for more accurate and rapid manual focusing.
  • Introduced the configuration of the lock manual focusing.
  • Zoom in distance scale on the screen in manual focus mode.
  • Added a map scale of depth of field in manual focus mode.
  • Added automatic memorization of manual focusing when camera is turned off.
  • Improved speed of auto focus in low light and low contrast subject, especially with regard to multiple shooting the same object.
  • Added display of the parameter sensitivity (ISO) mode Auto ISO.
  • Improved image quality as JPEG.

The Leica owner website is currently down and I cannot confirm if the firmware is already available online. Some sample images taken with the new v2.0 firmware surfaced earlier today on flickr.

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  • Ungoogle

    Google translator sucks!

    Anyway, it’s decipherable somehow… Have a little patience and you’ll soon see the original announcement in pure Teutonic English.

    It says there in clear Russian that the firmware will be available on Leica’s site on March 29th. I guess, Google didn’t catch that…

    So, hold your breath, boys and girls. Have a great weekend and come back on Tuesday for that long-awaited firmware update.

    The main thing that everybody was so eager to see improved does not seem to have happened. The autofocus speed. It looks like they’ve improved only the low-light and low-contrast performance but not the overall performance. Well, that was kind of expected, too. Some seemingly knowledgeable people were insisting it was physically impossible. Looks like they were right.

    DOF scale and implementation of two speeds for the focusing wheel (slow for precision and fast for quick operation) is great. We’ll see how it works in real life, though.Other MF goodies seem helpful, too. Notably, the monitor image is now always based on wide open aperture. Cool!

    Smart move, Leica! You couldn’t improve the AF, so you really tried to make the MF what it should have been in the first place.

    So, good morning Fuji!

    Well, not exactly… Production halted, future unclear, eBay prices ridiculous. And, mind you, the new X1 firmware upgrade didn’t diminish the X1’s image quality (thank God for that!) So, with its now officially forever-slow-AF, Leica X1 still outshines everything else in the league with image IQ. I can live with that. Eh… yes, Master!

    This upgrade is very true to that good old Leica tradition: best image IQ potential but you have to work hard for it. Well, not so hard, anyway.

    Take Lieca, go out and shoot! Yes, Master!


    • another “lost in translation”

      • You’re talking about Greg, right? 🙂

      • no, this was mine “lost in translation”, Greg actually spotted the release date and then I updated the post

    • Marco

      I’d be curious to see the link to the your pictures, although I would only find them relevant if shot in RAW. Otherwise you are comparing JPEG processing.

      All the comparisons I’ve seen show more sparkle to the X1 images, although the X100 has tremendous high ISO capabilities. The X100 images simply have looked flat and digital, although that may be a reflection of the photographers as well.

      • Chad

        Here you go Marco. Please read my methodology carefully and take special note of the DOF on the “ping pong” shot and the facial detail in the b/w “barber shop” photos where the X100 is resolving every little freckle and blemish.

        The majority of the shots were developed using the X100 in-camera RAW function while I used ACR for the X1. I plan on going back and processing both through ACR once X100 support is available.

        Here is the link to the shootout: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chadwadsworth/sets/72157626131597671/

        And here is a link to some more images I shot with the X100 during the SXSW music conference: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chadwadsworth/sets/72157626188657239/

        • Marco

          Great Chad, thanks for sending. I’ve been waiting for a more detailed comparison in RAW like this. I just wish the Flikr files were larger but they seem very close.

        • Marco,

          You should be able to view the full size on Flickr, or download them here:





          Pie Queen Fuji

          Pie Queen Leica

          Ping Pong Fuji

          Ping Pong Leica

          Stag Fuji

          Stag Leica

          Truck Fuji

          Truck Leica

          Fuji DOF @ 5.6

          Fuji Truck 100%

          Leica DOF

          Leica truck

        • Carlos R B

          the vast majority of 100%samples ive seen give the X1 the edge in IQ….good to know that there are people having a different experience….

        • @ Carlos – I had to give my loaner back but when comparing the X1 files I have on the computer (I reviewed it last year) vs the X100 files, I see comparable IQ with a slight edge to the X100. It controls CA better, appears to render a more shallow DOF at mid range f/stops and is resolving more detail in some of my comparison shots. I also recall that when working with X1 RAW files I would have a hard time managing color in some lighting. I did not see any of that with the X100 (although admittedly I was using the in-camera RAW converter). And IQ aside, there is no comparison, the X100 just plain outperforms and out handles the X1.

          I hope Leica comes back with a compelling X2 sometime soon.

    • Chad, I saw your test and I think I have even commented on it. In short, I am not convinced… I mean, your X100 shots are very good, indeed. Much better than what I saw before by other testers and by Fuji themselves. What I am unconvinced about are your X1 files. I have one and I know I can make better quality pictures than those appear in your test. So, with that knowledge, I am left unconvinced.

      Besides, as I mentioned in my previous comments, I don’t trust ACR for doing the best job on X1’s RAW files. It seems to have some problem with that. This is not only my observation. I’ve heard other people complain, too.

      Anyway, my wife, who actually owns the X1, happens to like it no matter what and doesn’t want a bigger camera instead, even if it would turn out better. Women are blessed with the ability to be satisfied with what they have in a much greater way than men. We always look for better things. The whole marketing industry is based on this little flaw of ours.

      I guess, I will be able to have an opinion on this issue only when I could do the test myself. If I will feel the need for that at all. I kind of lost my interest for this Fuji camera as soon as my better half had made her final decision. She doesn’t need it? Fine by me. I don’t need it, either. So, why bother?

      I have an M9 which fulfills all my needs and aspirations in photography. Yesterday I went out and shot an entire dance performance with my M9 and a Voigtlander 90mm f/3.5, plus a tiny little Nikon SB-30 flash. I am totally amazed with results. I did it as a challenge after reading Steve’s recent reports. M9 is great, even without a Noctilux, even with ‘cheap’ Voigtlander 90mm (which is an outstanding lens, by the way). So, why bother?

      If you’re interested, I have a few files up on my Flickr page from that performance.



  • Carlos R B

    So no major AF improvement and shot to shot times (raw) remains the same? man, good to leica that the IQ is awesome, otherwise….

  • al

    I wished they could image displaying independent of open lens. Not in this life…

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