Zeiss Ikon SW rangefinder discontinued

The Zeiss Ikon SW (Super Wide) rangefinder is now listed as "no longer available" on B&H website.

The Super Wide Ikon version doesn't have a optical viewfinder and is mainly used with wide angle lenses (zone focusing). The SW model was announced during Photokina 2006. The Zeiss Ikon rangefinder with a viewfinder is still available for sale.

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  • One of my dream camera, even more than a leica M7, specially because of the price range, its way more fair!

  • Sad news! A different little camera, but I like unique.

  • Les

    I imagine that they only made one production run, which means that it took almost five years to sell them all. I would be really surprised if they made more than 1,000.

  • Mikael

    A rangefinder with no rangefinder?

  • regular

    People at my local shop (Bessa/Leica/Zeiss official dealer) told me Zeiss Ikon was not very reliable, with screws going off, etc.
    Contrarily to the Zeiss lenses which are very fine.

  • Sahja

    Shouldn’t the model with the range finder should work just as well with the super wide angle lenses?

    • Garry

      Yes, the model with the range finder can shoot ultra wides just as well, except that the meter LEDs are on the outside on the SW model, so when you’re using external finders, it’s much easier to meter. It’s cheaper too of course, and has the second accessory shoe for angle finder, or spirit level. I think it would be a great camera for a wide angle specialist, but obviously not so hot for anything else.

  • It’s no great loss. I have a ZM and the only truly fantastic part is the rangefinder. Sure I like the precise shutter, but print film has a lot of latitude and I found it burns through hard-to-find batteries at an alarming rate. This camera’s all about the rangefinder. The SW was the ZM with the good bit cut off. EUR 799 vs 1,449 sounds cheap, but the SW was not much more than a Bessa L (I have one of those too) in M-mount and in metal. It’s aluminium too, covered in an easily chipped paint finish.

  • Garry

    I had a Zeiss Ikon for a couple of years, great camera, and Zeiss service is great. Never had any battery trouble, and the meter I found very accurate for slide film.

  • That is sad but I can see limited use for a wide only rangefinder body. I’d love to see Cosina put out a digital Zeiss.

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