Leica eBay madness

Few days ago a split in two Tri-Elmar-M 28-35-50mm lens sold for $1000 and made the rounds on the Internet. Here are few more interesting Leica items on eBay:

Leica M9 disguised as M8, starting bid $10,999 (there is another one for $17k):

Leica MP black paint with 50mm f/2 lens, 1956, buy now price $200,000 (there is another set for $27k):

Leica KE-7A military camera kit with Elcan 50mm f/2 lens, buy now price $100,000:

Leica MD gray, buy now price $72,501:

Leica MP with serial #365 from 1957 + 50mm f/2 lens, buy it now price $39,200:

Leica M6 + 50mm f/1.4 Brunei Royal Edition Gold, buy it now price $38,999.99:

Leica M1 Olive Bundeseigentum Military Camera, buy it now price $30,690:

Leica IIIG black paint 3 Crowns with 2,8/5 cm, buy it now price $28,500:

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  • iluvhatemail

    it’s the leica bargain bin

  • Note that the M9 prototype features the same dot-less top plate as the supposed M9-P in the Seal photographs.

  • Frankly speaking, this is not interesting at all. Who will bother with astronomical prices, since there no crowds of rich idiots which are running to deal with this scam? Or do you interest in the fact itself that someone has charged whooping amount of $? It reminds me of those glamour yellow magazines that every time are trying to impress people with blah-blah-exiting facts from personal life of movie and music stars. Shit, WHO CARES?

  • tony

    Sellers is trying to sell the lenses to pay for his mortgage. So, be support guys. I’m too trying to sell my Nikon for 700,000 anyone? It’s a special kind, come on!

  • i dont see any bidders at those crazy prices
    i am putting up my minolta maxxum 9000 body with motor drive up for $5000.oo each i have 2 any bidders

  • but this is not a camera! It’s a Leica!
    come on.

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