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Leica announces V-Lux 30 compact point and shoot camera

As promised, Leica announced a new compact camera today: the V-Lux 30 which will replace the already discontinued V-Lux 20. The camera is based on the Panasonic ZS10. The prices are as follow: Leica V-Lux 30 – $749, leather case – $140, soft leather case – $130, extra battery – $140.

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New MS Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35 Mark II lens announced

Japanexposures announced a new version of the smallest M-mount lens available today: the MS Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35 Mark II. The previous version sold out several months ago. The new lens has some minor changes: Native Leica M mount, not LTM with adapter More robust, thicker focussing lever Minor changes of markings on barrel, aperture […]

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Leica Compendium book is now sold out

The last version of the Leica Compendium book by Erwin Puts is now sold out. Around 1000 copies were printed. The old version went up in price after being discontinued few months ago. Erwin Puts also published a 129 pages Leica Pocket Guide that can be downloaded for free here. More Leica books can be found here.

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LFI magazine teaser

I finally received the latest copy of LFI magazine and this is the short paragraph written in the preview section for next issue:

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Opening of the Leica Store in Munich (video)

Here is the video of the official opening of the Leica store in Munich (mainly in German): Opening of the Leica Store in Munich from leica camera on Vimeo.

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Fuji X100 camera giveaway

I am having the biggest giveaway so far over at a Fuji X100 camera from Adorama. Head over and try your luck. Check out also the Fuji X100 review, the Leica X1 vs. Fuji X100 comparison and  this detailed list of Fuji X100 camera accessories. Good luck!

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Leica Photographers: Henri Cartier-Bresson, “The Decisive Moment” (video)

Henri Cartier-Bresson – The Decisive Moment from bt465 on Vimeo. Cartier-Bresson achieved international recognition for his coverage of Gandhi’s funeral in India in 1948 and the last (1949) stage of the Chinese Civil War. He covered the last six months of the Kuomintang administration and the first six months of the Maoist People’s Republic. He […]

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Michaels Camera Museum

The “Michaels World-Famous Camera Museum” is located in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to the wide range of unusual vintage cameras, they also have few rare Leicas: “The museum consists of some 8000 pieces (there are approximately 2,000 on display), of which about 3000 are cameras ranging from subminiature to 12×15 inches in size. Many of the cameras […]

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