The first Leica M9-P hammertone limited edition is already out

The Leica M9-P is not officially announced yet but the first limited edition is already out: the Leica M9-P Hammertone Limited Edition was created to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Leica Ginza store in Tokyo. Only 100 cameras will be produced. The kit includes an Elmarit M F2.8/28mm ASPH lens. Similar to the original M9-P that will be released on June 21, the hammertone limited edition will have a classic Leica writing on top plate, vulcanite cover, sapphire LCD glass and no red Leica logo or M9 marking on the front.

The Leica M9-PHammertone Limited Edition will be available in July, 2011.

Via DCWatch

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  • Ole

    uber-cool !!!

  • Carlos Sol Silva

    The limited edition that is released before the actual product….

  • Wez

    Absolutely hideous.

    One day, and that day may never come, Leica will make a Limited Edition that doesn’t look worse than the original.

  • ted

    Are you sure that’s not just a bad photoshoping job?

    • DCWatch is a reputable site in Japan, no way this is a photoshop job.

  • I’m sure the price will be limited edition too 😮

    • nikhtwey

      your comment is limited edition loool

    • Mistral75

      Acording to DCWatch: JPY1,197,000, which is equivalent to USD14,850, with Elmarit-M28mm f/2.8 Asph (including “Hammertone” lens hood).

      • Mistral75

        Oups, “according”.

  • Nobody Special

    Nice to see Leica putting effort into new product…..

    I’m not against Leica doing whatever it is they are doing now-a-days, or whatever direction they are trying to find into the future, I just wonder, and wonder, and wonder what it might, or will be.

  • I tend to agree with Wez – it’s not what I’d personally buy, but there are plenty of Japanese who will line up to buy it.

    BTW the above blog text says it is “Leica M9-P Hammertone Limited Edition” however it’s not strictly correct. If you read the original Japanese release, it merely says it’s a “Leica M9 Hammertone Set” so in reality, this product is just another M9 Limited Edition product. So this is not really a release before the actual product as suggested by Carlos, though it may look like it.

    Regardless it’s nice to see this release, so thanks for sharing the info.

  • mark

    Leica needs to worry about improving their product and upping their update product refresh to every 2 years for camera bodys Are they a camera company or are the Coach These SE cameras are TIRED
    They finally have a decent digital body but are back to being asleep at the wheel Are the Japaneese waiting 4 years to update a digital body? Answer NO
    Leicas point and shoot was all that last year and last year The Fuiji one upped them Better camera almost half the price Wake up Leica your a camera company not a wallet or leather bag fashion statemet

    • Mark, I agree with you (and also look at the general difficulty of getting Leica lenses), though on reflection I think the digital M release history shows it’s roughly 3 years between major digital M releases and approx 2 years for a dot revision, and now is the dot revision time (see we seem to get the sapphire glass this time like it was for the 8.2). You can also look at the Canon 5D Mk II which was announced in Sept 08 I believe & it’s not been updated (yet). I think the M9 & 5D are cases of the respective companies sitting on laurels (extending profits), though soon it will wear a bit thin. I also think this M9-P is Leica’s response to the Fuji’s retro release – it’s a convenient solution. I think it’s time to ditch the sapphire glass & go with something like Gorilla Glass from Corning which is as tough or better for less. It would be great if Leica could sensibly employ these kind of cost savings for future models.

      • mark

        They need to come up with a revision SOON Nikon has the D7000 It takes better pictures at 1/7th the price of an M9 and there is now the Fuji If Fuji comes up with an interchangeable lens camara Leica will be in BIG trouble Sure they may sell some of their overpriced and generally ugly limited editions but no one will be buying their cameras to actually take pictures Limited edition cameras are fine Leica way over does it Leica spend your time making better cameras NOT fashion statements

        • broxibear

          Hi mark,
          I think it’s wrong to compare Leica to other camera manufacturers, their market is very different from Nikon or Fuji…they make high end, high priced luxury cameras for a very specific buyer.
          They recently announced record sales for 2011 with an increase of more than 57% compared to 2010, many others are posting large losses…they must be doing something right ?
          Can’t really tell from this one image wether it looks good or not, they look very different in the flesh…they’re probably sold out already.

          • Uh . . . yeah I never know what to say to anyone who is comparing a Nikon D7000 with a rangefinder, and says nothing about the Leica glass. Even Nobody Special, given our differences in opinion about where Leica is going, would agree with that is a ridiculous comparison . . .

          • mark

            Yes Leica has great glass But in digital it takes more than great glass to made a outstanding camera Leica m9 is rated 33 on DXOMark rankings Fuji x100 21 The Leica M8 is rated 87 So the Fuji which costs thousands less takes a better picture hmmmmm


          • I also have the Fuji X100; it’s a great little camera and I really like it. But I am sorry the X100 cannot take the same pictures as the Leica M9 owing, yes, mostly to the glass. With a M6 and film, the difference is even further. the DXO Mark tests are just numbers, you have to shoot the cameras yourself to see the results. There is simply no comparison especially when you shoot the Summilux lenses wide open.

  • Steve

    Can someone tell me this is why they don’t make steel gray M9 with black vulcanite coverings? It’s not very attractive.

  • Ken Elliott

    No “steal me” red dot on front? Check!
    Leica Script on top? Check!
    Vulcanite? Check!
    Thumb brace styled like a wind lever? Fail!

    I really wish Leica would put the old wind lever the the M9, and integrate it as a power leaver. The fact that we buy the Thumbs Up device should be a clue. I like my M8, but the lack of a thumb brace and the low-grip body covering really messes up the handling.

  • Nobody Special

    Leica has the M9 as their big ‘hit’ because there was so much pent-up demand for a FF M. Now It’s been around. I absolutely agree with the above comments concerning something new that they can actually call NEW.

    How long can they continue to justify ‘updating’ a design that has been around since 1954? It is a rangefinder – okay, they’ve put a FF sensor in it, that’s good. Now they are going to charge extra for Vulcanite on the M9P – the same body covering they always used to use.

    I’ll continue to believe that they never should have brought the S2 to market – it’s uber expensive (yes, it is ‘selling’) and is a VERY limited market product that just has taken away from them meeting already existing demand, developing, inventing a new bridge system that can be updated faster, is competive, and ‘somewaht affordable’ and addresses the market they are priced in. The M9P will get them some attention – but I wonder how close they are to running the good-ship M aground.

    • Ken Elliott

      I don’t grasp what you mean. You want them to “innovate” then complain about the S2. I think the S2 is where they innovated. It is about the size of a pro Nikon or Canon body, but with a semi-medium format sensor. Seems like an innovation to me.

      Meanwhile, they continue to produce their classic M rangefinder – A design that has no equal for many. A lot of M owners want a camera that is as close to the M3 as possible. And Leica is pretty darn close. They know those owners are pretty picky about design features and Leica is careful to avoid disruptive changes.

      • Nobody Special

        It’s simple, really. I’ll call the S2 a huge DSLR, without an add-on battery pack is about the size of the C or N FFDSLR. For any company other than Leica it would be just that; a big n’ honkin’ DSLR with a bigger sensor. But for Leica it’s innovation.

        Innovation to me means coming out with a new concept, something different by design, not just a big, blown-up DSLR. The M has no equal because there is no other FF digital rangefinder with interchangeable lenses.

        Yes. Leica is very careful not to disrupt the loyal, faithful, M user. The S2 is not a camera that anything close to a minority of pro’s would use and the development for good or bad, took them into a realm of specialzation that is away from it’s core base.

        Why not have a ‘bridge camera’ that has features that can make the M mount more useful on a new body that supplements, not replaces the M and that won’t infringe on the loyal M crowd but that is more useable – maybe AF, 4 to 8 frame capability and a lens line that could be AF etc…?

        • Ken Elliott

          Thanks for explaining.

          It sounds like you want a M-mount, but with electronic coupling to drive AF, etc. This would allow the camera to use old M-mount lenses, S-mount lenses with an adapter, and a new line of AF lenses. Add a X100-style rangefinder/electronic viewfinder, and you’d have a camera that would allow a huge number of lenses to be used.

  • The M9-P in silver will allow all those folks who had silver Leica M lenses to finally match their lens with the camera body. The silver lenses with the grey body was kinda like trying to match navy and blue, and silver lenses on the black body was just too fashion forward for me. I still prefer the black lenses if for no other reason they are lighter and the M system is all about traveling light IMO.

    There is nothing Leica can do, however, that will make Nobody Special happy, I suspect . . . (besides an R solution, of course.)

    • Nobody Special

      Well actually you’re incorrect on what would make me happy from Leica. But I don’t expect it to happen. I’ve totally given up on the R solution and in anything Leica says they have promised, regardless of the system. They have sat on their arse’s for all kinds of reasons for years – but there is a pattern being repeated here concerning product development.

      I’m second generation Leica user, and if it weren’t for the ‘look’ of my portfoilio images on Leica glass, I wouldn’t give a rats butt about them. The glass they produce is awesome, but unfortunately for me, I care about what the brand used to mean to the history of photography and yes, I’m passionate about it and I’ll be the first to give them credit for something really new.

  • Brian

    I don’t really understand all the anti-logo talk. To each his own but I like the red dot and M9.
    I would say 98% of thieves have never heard of Leica.

  • Steven

    The Leica Ginza M9-P Hammertone is real and I just heard that the order book for the 100 pieces Limited Edition cameras is full (I have secured mine which will join a year old regular M9 in steel gray). Leica Ginza will have their 5 year anniversary party on June 16 5PM – 7PM for invited guests only.

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