Leica M to E mount Helicoid adapter

Update: this adapter is now in production and is available for sale on eBay.

A group of Taiwanese camera-mount-modifying-enthusiasts created a M adapter for Sony NEX E-mount cameras with a build-in focus helicoid that could turn a Leica M lens into a macro lens. "The Helicoid" allows you to further close focus than your normal M mount lens could:

  • 50mm with minimum focus distance of 1m was able to focus at 0.43m
  • 50mm with minimum focus distance of 0.75m was able to focus at 0.38m
  • 75mm with minimum focus distance 1.2m was able to focus at 0.73m
  • 90mm with minimum focus distance 1m was able to focus at 0.73m

Several sample images taken with different lenses are available in the same thread - in one case they managed to get a 15mm 2.8 zm lens to focus on a subject literally inside the lens hood. The adapter is in pre-production stage and should be available for sell in June.

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  • HY

    Can’t wait to turn my leica lenses to macro lenses

  • Publius

    Could we find out more about the total focus range with this adapter? Also, price?

    • HY

      I think it depends on the lens you attach with. Price should be pretty good as far as I can tell. We will know for sure when it comes on market officially.

  • M!!

    to manual focus with the LCD on a NEX is a pain in the butt.

    • Publius

      Not with peaking. And let me put it this way: how well can you focus under .7m on the Ms? Oh, that’s right.

    • HY

      Macro work needs speed? As far as i am concerned this is bloody good that you don’t really have to invest heavily to be able to do casual macro work.

  • Just A Thought

    What is even better than this adapter, is reading the “Google” translation:

    Ah ~ this day TURBO enhanced version has hit my soft spot

    I would like to have the urge to actually worship because NEX Ring

    This similar to the M8 + macro ecstasy of enjoyment too

    as long as the most expensive on ebay with the most vulgar of the price band between Can WINNING

    This should be marco type Aberdeen deeply affected as the boss said we want to drain dry

    The entire market to hit on the big bang lie
    Heavenly Sword a rival?
    Not want to be enslaved to the card free seed who once would fan the flames of anger Liao original.

    Oh, by the waist TURBO turbo version finally came out?

    Ring of dead fish available in the market do not want to sell.

    Seems useful to mirror polish?

    • HY

      There is no way google can translate what they say, not even a proper trained translator. It is very slangy with words swapped to similar sound words but totally different meaning in formal terms. Something will alway get lost in translation I suppose.
      How wonderful language is right >:]

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