Leica M9-P promotional videos (updated)

Magnum photographer Alex Majoli took the new Leica M9-P on a journey through Venice. Alex Majoli accompanied one of the around 700 gondolieri for several days and captured a sensitive portrait of the gondolier and his city. Here is a behind the scenes view of Alex's journey through Venice.

And a video about Alex Majoli:

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  • That gondola video was beautiful. THATs what Leica is all about. I’m going to pull a “crazy old uncle!” but I’ve been saying they should do just that sort of thing on forums for years! Put their cameras in the hands of seasoned artistic documentary pros and see what they get out of them. It’s photographic gold.

    None of this Seal nonsense, which stinks of old boy’s club wealth and essential comfort that can be expressed via the spending of money.

    • Ronny

      I agree, I cannot believe Leica is actually paying Seal to be their spokesperson – what a joke!

  • Nobody Special

    Yes, a nice video. But I’m sorry, the old ‘Leica does this better’ is wearing thin because I’d bet an S2 that another FFDSLR camera with a fixed 50mm could do the same thing.

    When someone is alone on a boat/gondola with a motor pushing it along and the photographer is right there in front of the subject that is the same as a photo-shoot. It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer. But Leica needs a niche’ to promote the M and this is what they push and they have before.

  • Hell, my APS-C K-5 could “do it better,” and withstand a few splashes and rain! However working with a rangefinder is an enjoyable experience. I for one get a feeling of the history of reportage photography when I use my Bessa’s. I’d love to be able to experience that with a digital camera. The X100 gets me there for now, but the M system would allow me to use more of the really great Voigtlander lenses.

  • Nobody Special

    I’m still really, really amazed at how ‘reportage photography’ was when photographers used sheet film 4×5’s, two sheets to a holder, and had the film loaded in 4 or more holders ready to go.

    Leica screw-mount rangefinders were also in use then, and they were ‘handier’ but the image quality from the old, heavy, big Graflex cameras was amazing. They managed to get the results, often with just two sheets of film fired really quickly that needed a lot of fore-thought and equipment/film knowledge. It’s always been the photographer.

  • Sepp Meier

    Tried to order a M9-P today in Australia !
    The Importer (Which is not very good anyway) told me they have orders in hand for 60 pieces and had only ordered 40 pieces from Leica anyway and there would be no use expecting to see this Camera anyway anytime before 2012! Very dissapointing Leica once again. YOU CAN’T SELL EM IF YOU DONT HAVE EM.

  • stephan weber

    wow, I discoverd the video of Alex Majoli and even if I’m not a friend of reportage photography, I must say that he is an amazing photographer! The Venise-Video is not bad either.

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