Ricoh GXR M-mount unit presentation

Here is a brief video demonstration of the upcoming Ricoh GXR M-mount unit:

In January 2011, Ricoh announced their plans to introduce a new M-mount GXR cartridge that will take Leica M lenses without the need of an adapter. The expected specs are:

  • 23.6mm × 15.7mm, APS-C size, 12.9MP, CMOS sensor
  • Newly developed focal plane shutter
  • No model name yet for the module
  • Expected Release Fall 2011
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  • an R-D2 with that sensor please! 😉
    M-mount lenses need real rangefinder body!!! 😉

  • Bill

    I would buy that in a second.

  • Doesn’t seem that different from just adapting lenses. 🙁

    • El Aura

      This is the first lens mount for the GXR, you cannot adapt lenses to a mount if there is no mount.
      Essentially, this is competition for the NEX (by virtue of being APS-C). Much better usability (the GXR body compared to the NEX body) but lesser sensor, taking the two existing APS-C modules for the GXR as a guide (though this might still change since nothing firm has been said yet about the sensor this will be released with).

  • I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve used the Nex5+adapter +M lenses and the quality results were very very good, unfortunately the software was be far the worst of any digital camera ever made, also the ergonomics was not good (bad grip, not enough buttons). I’ve sold it after 3 months.
    My only fear is that if it costs the same of the fuji x100 wil makes no much sense, much depends also from the M lenses one already owns.

  • jerl

    Looks interesting, I’m interested in seeing a real working model. If it was FF, I’d be really excited but with APS-C, I’m still curious. Definitely agree that the controls are superior to the NEX (only 3 buttons?) but will the IQ be close enough to make a difference? We’ll have to wait and see.

  • na

    nikon, canon, pentax, sony, old contax, even leica r – ricoh is getting somewhere

  • sedentary_male

    This is a big !! APSC sensor + mount on a GXR body with Leica glass- YES!! Crop factor of 1.5 seems acceptable and based on price if it comes to market at less than US$2K it’s a no brainer. The M8.2 body is selling for US$6k nowadays ??

  • Stephen B

    Not for me. I need a proper manual focus system (split image etc like on an M). M8.2 selling for $6k? Good condition in London going for $2k plus minus. The M8.2 with a 35 cron is a damn good set up if you are a one lens fan (like me). High ISO? I shoot film and almost never use anything over 400 iso so never really understood the high iso debate.

  • Henrik

    I have the GXR with the 28 and the 50mm lenses. I welcome the possibility of having Leica M lenses mounted to the GXR by means of a separate module. I am a big fan of manual quality glass and I have used Leica M in the past. The new 21/3.4 mm Leica M should be a perfect fit for the GXR with the crop factor.

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