Interviews with Andreas Kaufmann and Stefan Daniel

The Invisiblephotographer published an interview with Andreas Kaufmann taken after the M9-P announcement. This is the recap:

  • The new 25,000 square meter facility Leitz Park 2 will be able to double the products turnover over the next 4 years.
  • Dr. Kaufmann on the Leica M10: "Usually, this industry has cycles in the 2-years range, which is usually Photokina. So if people were to come to Photokina in 2012, maybe they may see something".
  • Leica is considering some of the new technologies used by other camera manufacturers: "But there will be some technologies that could make sense. HD, wireless, Geo-tagging all could make sense. We are studying these, and usually at the end, we'll come up with a German engineer solution".
  • Leica will continue to produce the film M7 and MP rangefinders.

This is what Stefan Daniel had to say about the future of Leica in an interview with the French site (Google translation):

"You have pointed the thing: When I spoke to a full, well ... it is not complete in fact. Because between the M9 and the X1 there is a hole. So one can imagine an X1 with M bayonet, one can imagine a lot of things... There's a hole, we are aware and we'll fill in the medium term with something below the M and above the X1.And I think the concept of hybrids. We have also one, with M. All it lacks is the LiveView and possibly autofocus."

Stefan Daniel is obviously talking about the new compact mirrorless system camera expected to launch at Photokina 2012.

Image credit: Leica Camera/Flickr

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  • Nobody Special

    “Customer comes first”, is a new one. But the rest sounds very familiar, only now they’re saying the next four years for product turnover. It all sounds so vaguely promising. I’ll always wish them luck and anything is possible but,,,,,,,,I can’t help but wonder if they will ever be relevant outside the rangefinder ‘market’.

    If they consider other brand’s market technology, doesn’t that mean they are going to be late to the ‘tech party?’ I would love to hear some interviewer really put Leicas’ feet to the interview fire for once. It’s like a Presidential press conference when all the questions are pre-approved.

    • Lefse

      They aren’t running after the ball, in every aspect of the game. The X1 is what made Fuji come out with its own copy – namely the X100. I’m sure Leica can do at least as good, they invented the genre.

      The problem with Leica is that they deliver luxury products. This is how they can justify an M9-p. It brings nothing new, except for that sapphire glass they removed from the M8.2. Being a luddite, I’ll stick with an old M – at least til Leica invents something that looks like Ilford-film.

  • na

    m9p is a scam for leica have money to made m10

  • Peter

    I wouldn’t call the M9P a scam. Just a rip off. If they released it at the same price as the M9, and perhaps lowered the price of the existing M9…. they might of had me!

    But the reality is the demand for these products is strong, they are not making enough to meet demand as it is. So if money talks…. they won’t be getting any sort of message to change their ways right now.

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