Digitalizing an old Leica camera

After this "digital" Leica II, here is another modification of an old 1938 Leica camera retrofitted with the guts of a Lumix FX70 14MP camera:

Here is another video of a modified Leica film camera:

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  • At least they could have the decency to hack up a fake one… Here is what I chose do to with my own 1938 Leica IIIa:


  • John

    What a waste of a good camera!

    Soeren, your photos are wonderful!

    THAT is how to treat an old camera, use it to take pictures. Not turn it into a useless monster as in the videos.

  • JaPP

    No fun at all.

  • John

    I think its pretty cool. I love seeing personal ingenuity and I don’t see how this is an affront to anyone. 99.9% of the other workable Leica IIIa’s in the world are still shooting film as they should be, I don’t see the harm of one person putting in many man hours for something that is obviously special to them.

  • Robert Falconer


  • Mat

    I think it’s great! He did a good job, I would love to have one!

  • Good to see people being creative with Leicas instead of keeping them for bragging rights.

  • Fabian

    I think somebody should try to do this with a Leica M and a Sony NEX. Then you could keep the shutter and lens mount and just use the sensor instead of film…(Not everybody can afford a Leica M8 ūüėČ

  • Adam

    What an idiotic thing to do. This is like putting a Ferrari body on a VW Beetle chassis.. Watch all the clueless photoblog retards ooh-and-aah about how cool this “hack” is.

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