Leica store in Moscow robbed

Leica Camera Russia reported that the Leica store in Moscow was robbed last night (Google translation):

"Today, July 9 at 3:00 am, two masked men in scrap metal shutters kicked the glass door with a sledgehammer and broke into the shop Leica on Leninsky Prospekt. After breaking all the windows, they stole part of the technique, which was in the store. Thieves coped for fifteen minutes."

Looking at the pictures, it seems that the robbers did not clean the shelves completely and left a Leca S2 medium format camera (worth $23,000). Here is a full list of the stolen equipment with serial numbers:

1. Objects Leica Elmar 18/3.8 ASPH., S / N 4084590
2. Leica R9 Pro Set c 3 lens (35 / 1.4, 70-180/2.8, 35-70/2.8)
_Leica R9, S / N 2927341
_Obektiv APO-Elmarit 70-180mm / f 2.8, S / N 03905538
_Obektiv Vario-Elmarit 35-70mm / f 2.8, S / N 3419566
_Obektiv Summilux 35mm / f 1.4
3. Digital Camera Leica M8 (color - black), S / N 3104330
4. Digital Camera Leica M8 (color - white), S / N 3111065
5. Lens Leica Summicron R 90mm / f 2.0
6. Lens Leica Macro-Elmar M 90mm / f 4.0, S / N 3975976
7. Lens APO-TELYT-M 135mm / f 3.4, S / N 3722933
8. Leica R6, S / N 1748472
9. Objects Leica Elmarit 21mm / f 2.8 for film cameras
10. Objects Summilux 50mm / f 1.4 Titanium Edition (Pre-ASPH), S / N 3675659
11. Objects Summicron 50mm / f 2.0
12. Leica SF 20 flash
13. Leica MP / 0,72, S / N 3469118
14. Lens Summicron 50mm / f 2.0, S / N 3997354
15. Leica X1 (color - white), S / N 3821473
15. Leica X1 (color - black), S / N 3983517
17. Leica V-LUX 30, 2 pcs., S / N 4149352, S / N 4141590
18. Leica V-LUX 2 (color - black), 2 pcs., S / N 3922466, S / N 3913056
19. Leica D-LUX4 (color - black), S / N 3748336
20. Leica M9 (color - black), S / N 4201224

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  • G

    Looks like they left a noctilux alone too… Ha..

  • Amr

    Too bad . .

    But they seam not aware what to steal . . they think it’s a normal camera shop . .

    They left behind the Noctilux and S2 ..

    I wish they get caught fast . .

    • grumps

      It’s that or they were only interested in causing some damage! Maybe the owner had pissed someone off, and the person/s were were interested in getting back but not really cleaning out the whole place. I mean look at the broken glass with shelves in tact!

  • They were not so stupid, leaving an S2 lying on the shelf. Where the hell they are going to sell it?

    • vlux luver

      so right!! the v-lux’s will sell in an instant. What clever geniuses!
      Or maybe anyone whom could appreciate a nocti can actually afford?

  • J Shin

    They took the R6 and the R9, with the Summilux-R. They were obviously stealing for themselves. 🙂 Maybe they’ll call me. I’ll let you know. 🙂

  • great alarm not surprising the stuff should sell nicely to rich russians who dont care where the stuff came from

  • and the final take is ??????

  • noname

    A white X1?

  • I guess the Leica store hasn’t paid their protection fees (those of you who live in Moscow know what I am talking about).

    • Ronan

      In Russia, shelves rob YOU.

      • That is very true too . . . I couldn’t afford anything in Moscow anymore

  • Terost

    The store owner should have used thicker glass.

  • Welcome to Mr. Ivan’s Neighborhood.

    I am glad I don’t have to deal with this kind of crap anymore.


  • carlos

    That’s Crazy, I’m sure the hood-rats will be caught as soon as they unload the goods.
    It’s not like they are selling common goods. it’s like trying to sell a exotic Ferrari at a pawn shop.

  • How much loss was it in total? 😮

  • kaze kaze

    theory A: Break and grab
    theory B: Break glass, next comer grab
    theory C: Lost money on tennis bet, need quick cash, “claim insurance”

  • andy

    I can just imagine them putting everything together in the same bag and then running off, scratching the crap out of all the nice leica stuff. These guys should be shot

    • ugh I didn’t even think of that….I was more upset that they didn’t take anything nice, noctilux, most summilux’s uh excuse me but S2’s!!!!!!?!?!!?!?! fools.

  • na

    time to get some cheap leica stuff on ebay

  • _Obektiv APO-Elmarit 70-180mm / f 2.8, S / N 03905538

    I spotted another crime… calling that zoom an APO 😛

  • David

    Not a “robbery”. Robbery includes use of physical force (or intimidation) against a person. This was a simple burglary. So the headline should read “Leica Store in Moscow Burglarized”.

    • Oplya

      This is an incorrect translation. The actual word used means “theft that is carried out openly [because the police was aware at the moment the glass had been broken] but without using some deadly force and without intimidating with a deadly force; possibly without any force or intimidation against person”. I am not sure there are proper English equivalents.

  • santela

    i cant believe they left all the good stuff behind! and dont tell me its hard to unload a S2. all u need to do is go to china, there are thousands of rich photographers who dont give a shit where ur gear came from.

    • Same for the Noc.

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