Noktor HyperPrime 50mm f/0.95 lens with Leica M mount currently in testing

Noktor created some online buzz last week when they announced on Twitter that they are testing a new full frame HyperPrime lens. The initial expectations were that this lens will come with Nikon/Canon mount but yesterday SLRMagic (the company that currently owns the Noktor brand) confirmed in an email that the new Noktor HyperPrime 50mm f/0.95 lens will be with a Leica M mount. Here is a picture of the actual prototype lens on a M9 body:

Some more details:

  • obviously the lens can be used on mFT and NEX cameras with an adapter
  • it will have round aperture opening instead of hexagon shape
  • slide out hood
  • metal ring around the lens
  • the lens will be different from the current Noktor APS-C version
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  • Wait, Cosina is not the owner ? It is not a Voigtlaender lens ? Who is the “SLR” company ?

    • Nokton and Noktor are two different brand names

  • Andreas

    The thing I’m wondering about is that various sources on the web claim that the Noktor Hyper-Prime (up to now only for 4/3) is a regular security camera lens and that it does not cover the whole 36x24mm image circle. So how can it be available for the M9 then?

    Should the Noktor guys actually build the lenses now (and the Full Frame is different than the available one) and stop labeling regular security cam lenses? 8)

    • Petter

      Upscaled cctv lens maybe?

  • Georg

    Do you have any price indication?

  • Keith

    The price is like $8400. It’s on their website.

    • Victor

      That’s in HKD so it’s like USD1,082.

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