Voigtländer Nokton 50mm f/1.1 lens hands-on video

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  • Brian

    Sold my pretty quick.. just too soft.

    • Peter

      same. I experience the same as in the review: great build quality, nice feel, but too soft at 1.1 and bokeh not so nice. So I sold mine straight away.

  • CR

    what an arrogant prick. “coolin” around talking about light results in pictures he’s not yet taken qualifying the lense, whithout any results shown.
    Such a bullshit is useless.
    Do we know anything about the lens, yet? Yes, it’s black and made of metal. Wow.

  • I agree the video is not terrifically informative but I always enjoy his funny videos; he didn’t really come across to me as arrogant or anything like that . . .

  • Jesuschrist

    He seriously needs to polish his video presentations, his humor tends to be dull and becomes very repetitive. He needs more technical know how, probably needs an experienced video producer.

  • Jim

    I wonder Where in Kowloon City this was Shot. I’m going there this fall.

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