Second free book about street photography

Thomas Leuthard ( just published a second free book about street photography called Collecting Souls… What Street Photography means to me. Both books can be downloaded here as a PDF document.

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  • me

    Hmm…. This is the second time a book buy this guy is posted here.. Nothing wrong with the books, but, not sure why they are here.? What does his street photography have to do with Leica? This is Leica rumors…………

  • Dougie

    Thanks for making the books available for download. Its one of the ways we can all learn by looking at books like this

  • Mike

    What street photography means to me, my a**. Incredibly condescending tone, mediocre photographs. Features silly quotes of himself throughout the book, what is that all about? Thomas who?

  • Thanks for posting this book Admin 🙂

  • Very, very interesting and inspirational work….Check out his youtube videos too 🙂

  • Peter

    not sure if going fully auto and burst mode is my kinda street…. feels more like net fishing… and a bit soul-less dare I say……

  • dfsdfsd

    pro photographers like he, will sure love the new gen cameras able to non stop record 8Mpix video and have feature to auto find good photo within the stream.

    hubby delivers 90% shot pics from a wedding. beat this and then come with book later.

  • dfsdfsd

    lol @ “stealth” photographer where every pic is of subject looking weird at him

  • God I hate whinging begrudgers

    • splinter

      It’s a good thing theres a whole chapter on dealing with critics.

  • Stephen B

    “I have tried a Leica M9 and failed. Maybe I’m just too spoiled to handle a manual Rangefinder camera.”

    I would suggest picking up a M6 and shooting film for a year. There are a lot of questions that are answered by going through that process. I guarantee one thing, you won’t think you are too spoiled to handle a manual RF camera, you will think rather that you have been deprived by not learning to handle one. There is more to photography (and life) than increasing its speed.

  • Stephen B

    That said, I take my hat off to him for taking the time to put the book together and to publish it. It is pretty raw but still a good effort.

  • Thanks for the link. I think also that Leica and Street Photography have many things in common 😉

  • Juan P Barrera

    The link is broken.

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