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Leica M “pistol holder”

I was actually expecting holders like the one provided with the Leica M9 Titanium limited edition to hit the market right after the camera was announced last year. A reader just sent me a link to that makes just that – “Leica M pistol holder”: There are two different versions available: Hektor ($169) and […]

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Weekend Leica links

Rebirth of a legend – what’s inside a Leica M4 camera: I saw this 1947 Leica IIIC with aftermarket gold conversion in my local Leica store:   

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Leica Historical Society of America raffle

There is only one more week left for the LHSA raffle where the grand price is a new Leica M9-P camera. You must be a LHSA member in order to participate. Full details available on this PDF file.

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Alternative Phottix 0.85x and 1.25x viewfinders magnifiers for Leica M rangefinders

  After I just came across this new USB 3 card reader from Phottix, I realized that they also sell 0.85x and 1.25x viewfinder magnifiers for Leica M rangefinders for $69 each (for comparison, the original Leica 1.25x costs $299): Silver 0.85x viewfinder magnifier Black 0.85x viewfinder magnifier Silver 1.25x viewfinder magnifier Black 1.25x viewfinder magnifier Leica carries also a […]

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Leica MP à la carte production temporarily halted till early 2012

Robertwhite (a major UK retailer) published on their website that the Leica MP and MP à la carte production is temporarily halted till early 2012 “due to the discontinuation of an integral component”: Leica à la carte lets you customize your MP or M7 camera. The standard MP model is currently in stock at B&H, Adorama and you […]

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Leica Camera AG have sold 30,000 M9 cameras

Based on the last stament from Leica Camera AG, “There have been 15 cases of this problem, which is equal to 0.05% of the total units sold” we can conclude that Leica has sold 30,000 M9 cameras since 09/09/09. This equals to approximately 40 cameras a day.

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Leica’s official statement on the M9 battery issue

After the M9/SD card compatibility issue, Leica Camera AG issued another statement today about a potential M9 battery issue reported by several websites in the past few weeks:

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