Micro Four Thirds to Leica M/R lens adapters

Rayqual announced a new Micro Four Thirds adapters with built-in tripod mount for Leica R lenses:

B&H just started selling a new Micro 4/3 to Leica M lens adapter from Dot Line for $99.95.


Voigtlander offers a similar M mount adapter for $179:

Panasonic's version costs $169.99:

Amazon sells a Fotodiox MFT to Leica M lens mount adapter for $29.95:

The cheapest solution seems to be the Rainbowimaging MFT to M mount lens adapter with a price tag of $26.99:

The most expensive adapter is from Novoflex - $269.99:

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  • Al

    I got one online (probably from Adorama?), made by Fotodiox. I also got a Nikon to M4/3 adapter from the same manufacturer. Both are very good, durable and sturdy and I’ve been using them for almost 2 years. The price for both was much less than $100.

  • vlux luver

    heard certain brands were a slightly loose fit. any firsthand experience on which to avoid?

  • dk

    i’ve been using the voigtlander adapter and the fit is very loose. it’s actually getting worse. looking to get a new one.. maybe the fotodiox based on Al’s experience or this new dot line one..

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