Leica D-Lux 6 may have a larger sensor

The current LX5 and D-Lux 5 cameras

In a recent interview with TechRadar, Yoshiyuki Inoue ( Senior Engineering Planner) mentioned that the LX5 camera sales are not  as good as Panasonic had hoped. One of the possible improvement for the LX5 (and D-Lux 5) replacement could be the sensor size. A new 1 inch sensor (like the new Nikon 1) was mentioned, but nothing was officially confirmed (FYI: the Leica D-Lux 5 has 1/1.63" CCD image sensor).

The Leica D-Lux 6 is expected to be announced in 2012, probably in September during Photokina.

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  • TGH

    Small compact cameras will not exists in 5 years. They will be replaced by smart phones and mirrorless cameras.

    • floate

      Compact cameras ARE mirrorless cameras!

  • Kenny

    hah! they copied ricoh’s retractable lens cap!

  • Sentral

    I just purchased the Leica D-lux 5 and I love it. I see myself using it for another year and then buy the D-lux 6.

    • Nothing personal against you, Sentral, but it nakes me wonder how someone can at the same time “love” a brand new camera and – on the other hand – already have their minds set on replacing it within one year by something else. That hasn’t even been announced yet.

      It seems to be very common these days. Personally, I tend to upgrade when I find that I can get a significant improvement in an area (or two) that is important to me – like when I upgraded my Panasonic FX-10 to a Canon S95: High ISO and HD movies. Still on the fence about upgrading my Nikon D70, though. And my film cameras are not lacking in any way, I find.

      Comments, anyone ??


      • Sentral

        I love the D-lux 5 but they can still improve it like:
        faster than f2.0
        Longer than 90mm/ maybe 120mm
        smaller body
        stereo audio
        1080p video

        To name a few.

        • …different photographers, different wishes…
          * A slightly larger sensor [1/1.5 ?];
          * A slightly larger i.e. thicker body;
          * 25-100mm eq.mm lens; 2.0-2.8;
          * Reintroduction of the [LX3’s] joystick;
          * No TouchScreen, Please;
          * Manually operated Zoom;
          * Drop the HiSensitivityMode -ISO3200 is more than sufficient for ‘everyday use’- but keep the ISO80 option (and maybe add an NDfilter);
          * A clip-on electronicalViewFinder with better resolution/image quality than present LVF1;
          * Mode Dial recessed into the body; AF/MF and AspectRatio switches to be less easily ‘knocked off position’.

  • Phill

    I have the d-lux 4. Great litle cam, fell in love when i first bought it. After a 2+ years the D-lux 5 came in, nothing worth upgrading by me. If that rumor is true, then i m sorry to say it but i think Leica doesnt see what is going on in the world. The stores are full with small sensors cameras and the real deal is the large sensors compact cameras and by that i dont mean Nikon1 system. Many brands have the technology but didnt had the looks to make the product appealling to the customers. Fuji finally did that desirable combo by introducing the X100 kai by spring 2012 they will introduce an even larger sensor comact camera with interchanchable lenses. Leica made their move in the past with the X-1 and ..stayed there. I think thats the only way to go.An improved X-1. No more smaller than m4/3s sensors in the compact body cameras. September 2012 is too late, by then i ll grap a 1/1,63′ phone propably 🙂

  • harold

    An overpriced camera to be announced a year from now….. who cares ?

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