Ricoh A12 M-mount unit for the GXR system now shipping in the US

The Ricoh A12 M-mount unit for GXR cameras is now shipping in the US. Popflash currently has few pieces in stock.

The Ricoh GXR AF assist shows a high-contrast representation of the scene for better manual focus. There is no focus confirmation:

The GXR + A12 system with a Voigtlander lens and an EVF:

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  • Bill

    How’s the battery life on these things? It looks great and I’m considering one.

    • not sure about the battery life, but the ergonomics of the camera is great – I held one last week at the PDN show in NYC

  • Harold Ellis

    why cannot somebody release some dumb 8Mpix full frame sensor.
    I cannot be only one who would buy it.

    introducing crop factor was bad idea in APS film and is still until now, especially when we have no lenses which would reduce the negative impact.

    APS-C/DX lenses are same size
    same expensive
    there are not faster lenses (as in 1.2) available to compensate crop factor
    no good wide fast lenses

    well all i can do is vote with my wallet and not buy such POS

  • Bubba

    But it say GXR on the cam. (not GRX.)

    • I guess I liked GRX better 🙂

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