Another Leica M9 Titanium available for sale

The last Leica M9 Titanium on Amazon sold very quickly after my post few days ago. It seems that there is still a strong demand for this digital limited edition. Currently there is another used M9-T for sale on eBay for approximately US $26,326 which is actually few hundred dollars cheaper than the original price of $26,500.

Update: here is the new eBay listing of this camera.

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  • That guys has a couple of negative reviews which is probably why the camera still hasn’t sold despite the attractive price . . . I know in Asia (hong Kong especially) these cameras are selling above $30K.

    • Oh and this is not a brand new one, unlike the one on Ace Photo.

      • Yes, it’s used (10 frames) and a blank registration card, or so the seller says.

        • You can verify the number of frames by using one of those softwares out there that reads the full EXIF data.

  • Harold Ellis

    fools and their moneys will soon be parted.
    but i guess it is better then spending 1M+ for a car.

    • Depending on what car 🙂 If a true collector’s car, they keep up with inflation quite well 😉

  • Dave

    Ugly camera

    • Torben

      Ugly?…., maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror… it’s all in the eye of the beholder, that’s why I think it’s beautifull…. (lol)…

  • fiatlux

    Well, a nearby Leica dealer had one and it took many months to sell at the original price (22,000 € I think).

  • Daryl

    I would be very cautious here, as stated above 2 negatives in a short time makes this a risk. The only way I would transact here is a call to ebay and have them work closely as this winds through the process. This would be one beautiful camera to own and the new viewfinder might be the future of M cameras.

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