The upcoming Fuji mirrorless camera resembles Leica M9

Based on the freshly leaked images, the upcoming Fuji mirrorless camera looks like a M9 rangefinder. The camera body and lens mount appear to be big enough to be full frame. The camera will be officially shown during the CES show in January 2012. Check for more images.

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  • hifi

    too late. I own a m9 already …

    • I own an M9…..and I’d still probably buy it, it has novelty value.

      • MJr

        I’d use that money to buy a nice lens instead. M9 all the way !

  • Yummy ! Check the 1.4 lens with manual aperture ring ! 😀

  • Bring it on! Texas mini-leica, there we come!

  • pooh

    Then a Smena 8M would resemble a Leica too.

    • Smena was my first camera anyways – Smena avtomat 12.

  • ZRG

    CES show in January 2011 ???

  • Bryan Campbell

    APC Sensor which means 1.5x or 1.6x crop… I’m still pretty excited about this “organic CMOS” sensor though. If it’s as impressive as they say then Leica might consider Fuji for manufacturing their next sensor with this technology.

    Not sure if I want this or if I’ll wait for a new Leica 1.3x crop camera (or better)

    • Bryan Campbell

      Whoops… APS-C I meant

  • peter drijver

    “Then a Smena 8M would resemble a Leica too” LOL

    Maybe a rebadged fuji will be marketed as a red dot sibling next to the pannies?

  • Nobody Special

    It’s interesting that Fuji is so agressive with it’s product and technical developments.

    More power to them, and Leica is probably watching with great interest at what Fuji is developing because while Leica says they are working out product ideas Fuji is actually bringing product that has technological significance in the market – and to users.

    • I wouldn’t say that Leica hasn’t brought out products that have technical significance. The new 35mm FLE is in incredible piece of technology in every way. Granted, it will cost you an arm and a leg, that is if you can find one.

      • Nobody Special

        Oh I absolutely agree that they introduce very significant and hugely relevant ‘image’ optics – and sport optics. Which I may add, they seem to not have any difficulty in moving forward with new designs and technology. Although I have developed kind of a reverse lens preference for some of the Leica glass – sharpness is great but there are times when a certain ‘look’ has more of an appeal over ‘uber-sharpness’.

        Fuji makes some mighty fine glass too, but in context of my comment, Fuji came up with an idea that is innovative and something that kind of smacks Leica in the nose and really will be doing if this next Fuji camera and lens system works.

  • omer farooq

    if its full frame then i m gona buy it immediately. no need of extra function just good ISO performance and lenses are the key for success.

  • catmonkeyrun

    Interesting that the viewfinder is straight through so optical and in one of th ephotos there seems to be a second optical portal right above the lens suggesting this may be a rangefinder. So then the question on my mind would be is the rear digital screen live view or just confirmation like an M8/9… AND if the camera is autofocus then and how does the rangefinder/optical viewfinder display autofocus confirmation… VERY INTERESTING!

    • Photozopia

      Have you used – or read about an X100 viewfinder – same principles apply. Switchable optical/head-up display.

      Presume autofocus would be same too – green focus box for locked on focus.

      The X100 has evidenced no need to emulate Leica methods – to much acclaim – why would Fuji revert to rangefinder technology when it’s clear to all that it is a ‘legacy’ hangover from the last century?

      • The X100 viewfinder is all hype and the camera feels like a toy. Frame a subject, press the shutter and bleh the framelines move. So much for a rangefinderless-rangefinder. No wonder there is an overflow of second-hand X100:s in camera listings.

  • Resembles? Its a rangefinder for gods sake, of course you will see a resemblance.

  • A rangefinder only makes sense in a manual focus camera. Looking at the mount and multiple connectors that Fuji does not scream manual focus.

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