Leica to increase M lens prices on January 1st, 2012

The Noctilux will be one of the M lenses that will affected by the upcoming price increase

I already mentioned that back in August: Leica Camera will increase their prices on M lenses in the US starting January 1st, 2012. For example, the 50mm f/1.4 Summilux will go up from $3695.00 to $3995.00, the 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux will go from $10495.00 to $10995.00. Prices of cameras and accessories will stay the same. If you need a new M lens, try to get it before the end of the year.

This is not really a surprise since Leica has been raising their prices in the last few years.

Update: the new price list can be found here.

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  • Nic

    Didn’t Leica post a record revenue for the financial year recently?

  • Yes, but they also just sold a chunk of the company to an investment banking firm, and those firms expect large, immediate returns on their money. In all honesty, I can’t see that many of the One Percenters who can actually buy Noctiluxes and such will be deterred by a mere extra $500… that’s just pocket change to the typical new-Leica purchaser…

  • Ric

    The money to bailout Greece has to come from somewhere.

  • CK Dexter Haven

    Pretty sure i’ll never buy another (new) Leica product.

    I’ve had a couple of M7s, R7, R8, CM, various lenses…. But, these people have chosen to cater to a different ‘type.’

  • Steve

    Great, try to find a lens to buy before the end of the year to beat the deadline. Good luck.

  • jorge

    yes, because they were cheap at the moment and they are just trying to catch up with the used market. “if john smith can sell one of the 50 Summiluxes they bought from B&H for about 5500 why shouldn’t leica get a piece of that.”

    hmmm. there are governments that regulate this sort of behavior. things, like B&H gets 10 of these lenses every three months, but, john smith buys them all, plus the other half of the production f already been sold in hong kong. so…

    so, for those of you thinking this is ridiculous, i’ll put it in context. specially for those living in USA where everything is always green. imagine you go and buy milk and your 7 11 or publix.

    but it started to get scarce and empty shelfs are all you see and the supermarkets. not becuase everybody has had the chance to buy their gallon, but because one guy bought the whole shipment and now is selling it to you with a $1.50 price increase. think about for a while.

    • MJr

      i don’t get it. they ask more because ebayers make money ?

  • Nobody Special

    Leica is really picky about the quality of the minerals used in specific lens production. Consistency of ingredient quality is paramount, but at the same time, exactly how much ‘improvement’ is necessary in a lens? How much ultimate sharpness is needed?

    I have a 2nd generation 35mm Elmarit R lens (same optical formula as the 3rd gen and a more robust barrel/lens) that is just an awesome optic – absolutelty a first rate peice of glass. I can’t for the life of me think of one reason to buy the latest and greatest M lens (as I had done before) when there are many excellent early M examples out there already – been there, done that. Do your research, and find earlier glass that often is excellent enough, and save some $$$.

  • LeicaKowboy

    If you were the CEO of Leica, and used Leica lenses were going for a fair amount more than new Leica lenses, wouldn’t you raise prices too?

    The issue is that Leica can’t produce enough lenses to meet market demand. Given this, can’t fault them for obeying the rules of supply and demand.

  • so do you have a list of lens price increases? can you post the list? or, specifically, do you know if the 35 summarit is slated to increase in price?


  • Slomo

    You can’t get the f—-ing things anyway out of stock makes Ikea look good lol
    I have searched the world for new lenses none no good ones anyways Leica is getting to be like a commodity like gold The occupy peeps will probably steal our Leica rich people gear I am thinking of selling all my Leica stuff cause this is getting stupid and stupider

  • toprock03

    Supply and demand. Obviously the market is supporting the price increase. If it doesnt Leica will have unsold lenses and will in turn lower pricing.

    I’d raise the price too if I were them. When they get increased production capacity they can lower prices and make up in volume for greater profit

    • Nobody Special

      There hasn’t been a day when Leica actually lowered prices – at least in my 40 years of using their product.

      Usually, Leica bases price increases on material, labor, and manufacturing costs and not supply and demand. They need as much money as they can and increasing production and keeping prices the same will net them more money.

      Oh, not all used lenses (LeicaKowboy’s comment) cost more than new ones. Yes, the demand and of new lenses and unavailability can bring up the prices of used glass, but not all. Supply and demand is a lose concept that usually equals greed. I actually see the value in Leica glass, but the cost of bodies are a joke and the M9 should be about half of what they are getting.

  • polpaulin

    who cares for 200 bucks more or less ?
    you wan the best ? pay for it

  • Leica User

    Some greedy bstaard companies in the UK have raised prices ahead of the official date!

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