What is the value of this vintage Leica I camera?

A reader of this blog is selling this vintage Leica camera and would like to know what will be its retail value today. The serial number 33068 indicates that this is a Leica I model that was produced in 1930. Here is a quote from Wikipedia:

"Leica I — was first introduced to the market at the 1925 spring fair in Leipzig, based on the Ur-Leica prototype developed by Barnack in 1913 and the Prototyp 1 developed in 1923. Followed by LeicaLuxur and LeicaCompur (a total of 60,586 of the Leica I, Luxur and Compur models were made). Interchangeable lenses for these were introduced in 1930."

On eBay Leica I cameras are listed for $1,000 to $35,000. For more information, please contact the seller directly at gabor[dot]jel[at]gmail[dot]com or just leave a comment to this post with you value estimation.

More pictures of the camera after the break:

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  • Fants

    Alright, take a deep breath, relax, etc… no need to get your blood pressure up over a post on a camera blog. I don’t know how many photo-gear-rumors sites you read, but all of them are exactly as you described. 90% filler, 10% actual rumors. You can either post nothing but rumors you hear from good sources, and wind up with one post every two weeks, or you try to keep things interesting and post some general camera/brand-relevant bits of interesting info. A specialized gear rumor blog isn’t like a political blog – you don’t have info pouring out constantly.

    I, for one, do find this post pretty interesting (though it is indeed approaching “stretching it” territory). It’s always cool to see gear from the early days pop up. And yeesh, just because any owner of a modern Leica camera (who paid for it themselves) inherently isn’t too worried about money, it doesn’t mean someone who has an antique L1 has $50 to throw at an appraiser.

    • Ben

      +1. Chill!

  • Glen Brown

    You got your period Kurt?

    • sorry but Kurt’s post is gone

  • will wright

    that is one cruddy looking Leica…keep looking..

    • lynn


  • Mat

    Wow Kurt are you trying to start shit?? chill dude, I enjoy the post. don’t be such a Negative Nancy…If you don’t like it you can just GIT OUT!


  • DJS

    On eBay Leica I cameras are listed for $1,000 to $35,000.
    Listing prices mean very little – one needs to look at the “completed listings” to see what they are actually selling for. Tamarkin and keh are also places to look for current prices. Better yet, post on some Leica forums to get better feedback as to the particulars of this camera. Personally, I wouldn’t give $5 for this one – don’t care about cameras that are that old.

  • Seb

    A Leica I in this condition ? 200 .. Not more. Sold dozens of Leica I’s in much better condition and they went for around 500, but one thats this ugly .. nah.

    • JShin

      It is in a pretty sad condition… The glass doesn’t look so hot, either; very bubbly or something. It’s not a rare model, per se. I was going to say $400-900, but maybe I’ll just agree with you. It’s not a collectible, and it is likely not a shooter, even for romantics like me. The kind that sits on a psychoanalyst’s bookcase to symbolically represent something.

  • Erica

    The photomuseum in Antwerp, Belgium has one on display

  • why.worry

    The question is: is it still operational? if YES, then 1000 USD, if not, then 250 USD

  • Skinnfell

    In order to fetch the top dollars, it needs to either: be in collector shape (and that nowadays means pretty close to mint), be a particularly rare model, have historical provenance. This model seems to be neither.
    So if its in fully working condition it might fetch a price towards the lower end of the estimate. Other than that its totally up to the buyer but then it might be just as good to hang on to it as a nice display piece.

  • M9P

    Cool to look at… lots of stories to be told about it….. But just a Paper weight for me 😉

    But at least it survived longer than my current
    M9P will 🙂

  • Phil

    I’d say $200 and you’d be lucky… the condition (generally crummy) and the aftermarket flash sync lowers the value. This has several later parts (the shutter speed dial has a “20-1” marking, which does not go with a camera with no slow shutter speeds, and I have no idea what kind of release button that is). If I wanted a shooter, I wouldn’t give any more than $100 for it (for all the work it will need to fix and get shooting again). Then again, we don’t even know if it was fixed to be a “Standard” or not…

  • jim

    I’d buy it for 200

  • karlschwed

    The serialnumber says it is a LEICA III from 1939 made in 200 copies……..but to me it looks lie a LEICA l………

    Something is not correct….

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