RED camera + Leica M lenses

In addition to the Leica Cinema Lenses, cinematographers can soon also use Leica M lenses on a RED camera - Pier 59 with the assistance of Leica Camera have been testing the RED DSMC Leica-M mount in New York this week. Read more on and

The RED DSMC Leica-M mount will be available for both EPIC and Scarlet cameras and it will cost around $800:

RED DSMC Leica-M mount adapter


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  • David Hansen

    It was only a matter of time before M mount lenses can be used for video. Good move!

    • MJr

      And that adapter is just too beautiful. I wanna have it !
      Don’t even have a REDcam. =)

  • I’m so glad Leica has been spending their time wisely….

  • EnPassant

    Red dot lenses for a red dot(s) camera! No surprise here. I guess the waiting time for new Leica M lenses will be even longer.

  • Nobody Special

    I think I may have asked this before – but either way – I wonder if the Leica Cinema lenses are taking away production capability from M or S lenses?

    Are they made for Leica to their spec’ or does the production cross over at Leica from M to S to ‘C’??? The C lenses aren’t cheap either so it would seem that anyone buying one would want it made by Leica. Of course, if I wanted an M lens and I found out that production for the C lenses was the reason for the delay Iwould probably be a bit upset.

  • MJr

    More red dots for RED =)

  • Mark

    No close focusing, crop factor, no follow focus capability…can I ask…why? If you’re spending RED money I’m sure the Cooke or Zeiss cine primes would give any M lens a run for it’s money.

    • Harold Ellis

      what are u smoking? And what are you even doing here? This is LEICA, man! LEICA. Nothing beats LEICA. Nothing. Nothing at all!

      • Mark

        Oh right…sigh…

  • Great, thats all we need, Peter Jackson ordering 100’s of Leica lenses to go with his REDs…..

  • Nobody Special

    Years of being satisfied with a Hasselblad SWC and Pentax 67 and 45mm and 55mm creating perfectly acceptable and professional images and using Leica M’s and R’s and now, after having to give up on the R ‘solution’ it’s almost amusing to see how Leica in all it’s glory is creating demand with no way to timely produce product.

    Maybe the new ‘Leitz Park’ will change all that (IN LATE 2013!!) but in the meantime I’ll just keep on keeping on with what I have and enjoy the latest Leica stumbling and selling and stumbling and unfortunately, agravating it’s paying customers into further impatience.

  • Mathias Walter

    I’ve noticed on RED’s website that the M-mount is “for 50 mm M-lenses and greater”… Anyone tried wide angle M on a RED camera ? Any footage yet ? The M-mount is to be found nowhere anyhow… any clue there ? Txs

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