Gizmon iCA: a Leica inspired case for iPhone 4/4s

The Japanese company Adplus ( went a step further than the Leica iPhone stickers and designed a real Leica screw mount inspired case for iPhone 4/4s (similar to this Leica i9 concept). The Gizmon iCA has an optical viewfinder, shutter button, conversion lens mount, tripod socket and strap holes:

The Gizmon iCA is available in three colors and can be purchased here for $65:

Gizmon also offers the following additional accessories:

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  • Petter

    Just buy a leica already

    • Joseph shuler

      When I was around 8 years my family owned a leica,film camera. With the tan color case. Later on in life, I had a job traveling 32 countries in all. In 26 years at this job. I used a fuji film camera. Not having the money for a leica then. I used many models. I want to know is the R10 concept out on the market? If so where, if possible the price range. I want to see if I could finally purchase the camera of my dreams. JS

      • Nobody Special

        An R10 concept has never been shown and Leica in all their optical design excellence, has yet been able to read their client user base to bring a camera to market that it’s R base wanted – the M is the exception of course. The R is dead.

        Having used Leica cameras for a long time, I can safely say they have never figured out what to do, or ever had the courage to re-invent themselves whichhas to do with multiple owners who loved the Leica brand but lacked either the money or imagination to change.

        As to this ‘gizmon’ case, Leica owner Andreas Kaufmann said something to the effect that cell-phone cameras aren’t to be taken seriously’, and I never wanted a cell phone with a camera – until I needed a new phone – I have taken some good images with it – it’s still a ‘camera’. But that shows what limited imagination Leica ownership has.

  • Nando

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! I agree with Petter. A real Barnack can be had for less than the cost of an iPhone and this contraption.

  • One word: toy.

  • tornado

    It does not exist in blue, or red, or green…
    very disapointed…

  • Steve

    Cool, now you can turn your iPhone into a compact camera that takes video calls.

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