Henri Cartier-Bresson: “The Impassioned Eye” documentary

I removed the embedded video because it appears that it was uploaded on Vimeo without the permission of the original copyright owner. The two disc set can be purchased from Amazon.

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  • Great ! I haven’t seen it yet. “The eye of the century”… Thanks !

  • Lance

    It is great for sure, but being a full length copyrighted documentary, it may not last on there for very long.

    Link to http://www.amazon.com/Henri-Cartier-Bresson-Two-Disc-Collectors/dp/B002ZTQVMU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1327717954&sr=8-3” title=”DVD” rel=”nofollow”> that includes this and other docs.

    • I removed the embedded video because it’s probably uploaded on Vimeo without the permission of the copyright owners.

      • Jeffrey

        That link is to movies by Henri Cartier-Bresson, not about him. That documentary is not on those disks. You can download the Torrent, or see it on YouTube or Vimeo. It’s been online for years.

        • Jeffrey

          Oops, it is on their, but it’s in the public domain anyway… Their was a copy write issue with his films, not documentaries about him.

          • Lance

            Just because it’s a torrent does not make it public domain. It’s still being sold in two different DVD versions. And the full length one is not on YouTube that I could find. I knew about the torrent copy but got the DVD because there are a couple documentaries on there, besides his own films, that I don’t think are available anywhere else:
            * Flagrants délits
            * A Day in the Studio of Henri Cartier-Bresson
            * Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Adventure

            I have another very interesting one that is hard to find:
            * Henri Cartier-Bresson: Point D’interrogation
            I had to find it on a VHS tape.

            I you believe in such things, like karma, etc…, think about if you want the ghost of HCB messing with your mind and photographic eye, because you didn’t pay for his stuff. 🙂

        • How can I confirm that this documentary is in the public domain? Anyone?

          • Jeff

            How can you confirm anything is or is not in the public domain? If you go by the assumption that nothing is in the public domain, unless proven otherwise, don’t post anything.

            Not everybody has access to Amazon nor these DVD’s do you want the knowledge of his work to be only admired by the rich and affluent?

          • regular


            This DVD is certainly funding part of the work of la Fondation Henry-Cartier Bresson, which is preserving the films and photos of HCB, and setting up exhibition all over the world.


          • Jeff

            How many of the images here are posted with a written record of permission of the copy write owner?

            According to the chart it’s Life+70 years for much of the world. So the world can discover HCB work in another 62 years. Otherwise you have to pay to see.

          • Posting images is different when you use them to report news – this is covered under the fair use clause. Publishing an entire documentary does not fall under fair use.

          • Jeff

            That depends on what country you are in. For me in china, it is illegal to view any content from Facebook, Youtube, or Vimeo. These sites are currently blocked. If fact when you put content from these sites, often this site will not load.

  • MJr

    Thanks !

  • Gordon

    Much thanks!

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