MS-Optical Perar Super Triplet 28mm F/4 lens

I have covered the MS Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35 Mark II lens on this blog in the past, but I was not aware that there is also a 28mm f/4 version until I came across this listings on

This lens has been produced after over a year of research by Miyazaki san, and he has learned a lot about how to overcome problems that he faced with previous models of the perar he produced. The lens will be produced in batches, the first batch being of 180 lenses.


  • Triplet Formula lens with high optical stability
  • Ultra compact and lightweight, only 45grams (55 grams with the hood)
  • Triplet design with 3 elements in 3 groups for refined sharpness
  • Premium multicoated lens with a 97% light transmission rate
  • 10 blade aperture diaphragm with smooth selection for a clean bokeh effect:Minimum focal distance of 0.8m
  • Unique exposed front aperture element

Some sample images taken with the MS-Optical Perar Super Triplet 28mm F/4 lens can be found on flickr (see also this link).

Check also what other product are currently for sale on

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  • Oops. A spelling mistake on the lens: ‘TPIRLET’!

    I’d also like to see a 50mm and a 75mm from Miyazaki.

    • EnPassant

      Ha ha! Well spotted!
      It could become a collectors item.
      But I guess it is a prototype.
      Serial number(?) is 000!

      • There is a spelling mistake on the first batch of 180 lenses. So all of them will be like that. But that just makes them all the more interesting.
        The serial number #000 is my personal lens:) A little perk of selling them.

  • Dave

    I don’t see the point of these lenses. The size is not that great an asset. If you want small, buy a Contax T or something.

  • Camaman

    That typo on the engraving is priceless. And you guys think these people are glorious experts that pay constant attention to every detail.
    They can’t even spell right, wonder how many typos there are in the designs… LOl! 😛

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