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DIY: Nokia N8 to Leica M Adapter

Here is one way of using your Leica lenses with the the 12.1 MP sensor from the Nokia N8 phone. Read the details here.

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A quick review of the Ricoh GXR A12 Leica M-mount combo

I posted some samples and a quick review of the Ricoh GXR + A12 M-mount combo. Anyone using this setup? What are your experiences?

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Leica to open five new stores/boutiques

Leica Camera has plans to open three new Leica Stores and two new Leica Boutiques in the US and Canada. The new locations are as follow: Leica Store in Washington DC Leica Store in New York City, SoHo (operated by Kurland Photographic) Leica Store Miami (operated by Dale Photo) Leica Boutique in Rancho Mirage, CA (operated by Camera […]

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What sensor will Leica use in the new M10?

Several readers emailed about some recent rumors circulating the Web that this Teledyne Dalsa 24MP full frame CCD sensor could possibly be used in the upcoming Leica M10 camera. Some of the sensor’s characteristics definitely makes it a potential candidate (“Microlenses with wide angular response, High sensitivity, high dynamic range, Excellent anti-blooming, Variable electronic shuttering“) but I still believe that Leica will use a […]

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New Leica M9-P limited edition to be announced soon

In the next few weeks Leica should be announcing a new M9-P limited edition set in blue-grey colors with a silver Summicron 35mm ASPH lens. The previously rumored  Summicron-M 50mm ASPH lens is delayed and will probably be announced later in 2012.

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Two versions of the Leica Super Elmar-M 21mm f/3.4 ASPH lens

This is the original Leica Super Elmar M 21mm f/3.4 ASPH lens (on the left) and the new redesigned version (on the right). The new version is about 1.8 1/8 oz (50 3.5 g.) heavier at 9.75 Oz (275 g).

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The History of Leica documentary now available on YouTube

The link I posted here last week is no longer available, but The History of Leica documentary is now available on YouTube. Enjoy!

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MP-Winder for Leica film cameras

PopFlash, who is one of the sponsors of this blog, is now the exclusive reseller of the MP-Winder. The price is $129. S0me more details and pictures are included after the break:

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